Saturday, May 14, 2011

What are you doing this weekend?

I thought I would take the time out to post something here on my sweet little ole blog :) I spent yesterday posting items in my Etsy shops, and a little sewing. I finally got all the panel pieces to fit in the front of my partners sewing machine cover. Now time to embellish it before I make the lining. It is understood by the two of us that our swaps were going to be late. Me because I am in a sewing funk and she has moved to another state.
I did work on two Annies also. One is almost completed all I have to do is make its clothing. It is going to a very cute little two year old. That means I had to paint on her face. I have to admit I am not so good in the painting field. It will pass :) 
Now your asking what did I do today... I took the neighbor to lunch and he helped my carry creature food into the house. I am unable to carry heavy weight still. Then I spent time sorting and photographing vintage buttons that I listed in my Etsy shop. I also spent several hours sorting out other vintage buttons and patterns. I also looked around for the embellishments for the machine cover. Awee yes I forgot I also surfed the internet for fun free pin-keep patterns ;)
So my weekend wasn't all that eventful... now its time to go back to work tomorrow! 
What did you do this weekend???


NadineC said...

We need to get out of our sewing funks, APP! I hope they don't last clear til August when I get to come visit you! At least this weekend, I sat and THOUGHT about sewing, LOL! But you did get a lot posted on Etsy, so you were more productive than I was ;-)

San-Dee said...

It must be national-I've been in a sewing funk too here on the east coast. I did give some thought to sewing, but didn't get my butt to the machine. I'll go look at buttons soon, I think I'm avoiding my Sunday chores. We've had a few days of gray rainy weather, and that adds to the funk. I've just been sipping tea and reading instead of what I should be doing.

Cathy said...

Ha, what I did this weekend? I am at the hospital.. Rick had a stroke Friday and thus we are here. He will be ok in time. So I am not complaining or on the feel sorry for Cathy pot (ok just a little) I feel like I am accomplishing nothing here; ok so that is true but I will have time to get lots done cause once again I get to be in charge of everything. Just call be boss lady