Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer fun is upon us ;)

 It's time for all those summer pic nics, outings and holiday fun... I have decided it would be great to share some fun stuff I have been seeing on the web to make your life easier during your outdoor activities. I know these ideas will make your holidays/outings so much fun...

Summer is picnic season, and with it come potlucks and covered dishes.  Instead of using foil or plastic wrap to cover your salad bowl, why not use an eco-friendly reusable fabric cover?  Allyson Hill shares a tutorial on her blog showing how to make this Eco Travel Lid.  Get the how-to.  (The tutorial is available from the side bar of her blog.)
Article obtained from Craft

Do you get thirsty on those long hikes that you make with your family and friends.. to the ballgame, Disneyland, Picnics... here is the perfect item for you a water bottle holder....
Get your tutorial at Pink Chalk Studio.

This next item... I love it.. I have used them often and also have made them and given them away as gifts. Almost all the guys in my family own one or two.. I even made a couple of them to give to my walking Postal carrier that comes to my station... He wears them each summer when the weather is around 100 degrees.. this article just reminded me.. I should probably make him a couple of new ones... I am sure the others are starting to get a bit worn.... You can find the tutorial at Little Birdie Secrets.... These are easy peasy to make!!

Here is another great way to go green Make your own Back pack from one of your favorite, but not quite worn out T-shirts. I have made a few of these and everyone loved them.. You can use your children's tees to make the back packs just the right size for them.. and adult tee's for you :) Find a great tutorial HERE.

One could always use a summer hat for shading your faces.. no one wants a sun burned nose ;) You will find a cute summer hat here at How-To.

Now that I have done all this research and posting and pasting.. its time for me to take a nap... I have provided you the perfect pattern for your napping needs... Click over to Life Style Lounge and make your own hammock.

See you after nap time... Pitty Pat where are you???? Lets go take a little snoozy wooosie ;)


NadineC said...

Thank you, APP, for giving us inspiration. Soooo, you'll have that hammock ready for me by the time I get there????? ;-)

Cathy said...

Yeh APP Nadine wants the hammock ready with ptetty pillows and lots of cold drink. No really you find the bestest tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

Qpatches said...

Just needed to post and tell you how much I do enjoy your blog.

WOW, some neat ideas constantly.

Jennifer said...

I seriously needed the water bottle carrier a couple weeks ago. My daughter and I did a 5k and I decided to bring a water along for the both of us. We ended up having to carry them.

Kay Stephenson said...

What a great collection of summer projects. We really need the neck coolers here in Atlanta. It's been brutally hot so far this year. Love your blog. Kay (Stitching Times)