Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Fantastic Week

Other than my AC still being out and it reaching 104 this week .. all is well in the life of APP. Several members of my family are here visiting from CA this week. I am still amazed that my sister drove 1344 miles with two children under the age of  5 and two teenage girls... that had to be an interesting trip... and they still have to drive home! 
 I have been having some fun with the Clan.. the following photos were taken at the Ta Town Zoo last weekend... everyone had a great time.. but it was about 103 out... we drank lots of Polar ices, drinks and pop-cycles. 
We found a nice shady place to sit and we had a great picnic of cold fried chicken, potato salad, grapes, and watermelon... so very yummy on such a hot day!

My Sister Allison from CA.

My Niece Amanda from CA.

My Great Niece Ms Em from CA.

Taylor my Niece Katie's friend from CA.

Taylor and my Great Niece Ms Em.

My Beautiful Niece Katie from CA.

Great Niece #2 Baby C from CA.

We are all going to try and get together on Sunday Evening for Pizza and a Movie ;) I will get to see them one more time on Wed evening before they leave to go home on Thursday! I have really enjoyed seeing everyone.. I just wish I could put them in my pocket and keep them like a saved kiss that someone blows to you .. when they are about to go :)
That way I can keep them close to me!!
I love them.. it has been so good to see them after our almost 2 year separation!!
I just wish I had more time to spend with them..obligations do.. really get in the way! Don't they?

The Clan as they the Zoo to meet me :)


Unknown said...

Glad you had some nice family time! I still don't know how your surviving without A/C? If you wait much longer, it'll be fall! lol