Friday, April 6, 2012

Donations Please :O)

Hello Ladies... I am starting on a Christmas Project.. and would like to know if any of my fine friends have some Christmas fabric scraps ( I do mean scraps!) that they would like to donate to my project... the scraps have to be big enough to make a 2 1/2 X 4 1/2 inch square. All donations would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get some different fabrics than the ones that I already have. Send me a message if your wanting to donate :O) Thanks in Advance :O) M

LOL I thought I better start Christmas now so I will have time to get it finish.. since I have been having all of these issues with my arms and hands. 
I had my first cervical spine injection and so far nada... I am hoping the one on the 19th will help me some. I do have to admit the steroids did give me a bit more energy .. or maybe that winter is over. 
Since I have that seasonal disorder. 
Anyway I am trying to sew a bit... I have my mug rugs done and ready to ship out tomorrow :O)
Is it me or people not holding or joining in on swaps anymore?
I would love to hear your answers... 
Hugs until next time!

Ps... Thank you everyone for your well wishes and good Vibes ;O)


Regena said...

yes, swaps seem to be down. I know I am not joining as many since the "burn factor" was pretty high in a couple.
If I see one that strikes my fancy, I'll be in!
I'll see if I have any christmas and send it your way. After tax season though, I won't have hardly any time free until then. LOL

Sara said...

I would be glad to donate some Christmas fabrics. I would even cut them that size if you want.

~Xo said...

Hi, I just finished cleaning out stuff from my crafting corner. I have a few Christmas scraps I can donate. Email me your address: Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Beeshebags said...

Hi M, Sorry to hear that your first injection has done diddly squat for helping the pain levels, and am hoping the one on the 19th does some good.

I've been entering swaps....but mainly on FB as that's where I've been finding more of them, not on individuals pages, but on group pages. I've also entered a few on Flickr too.


BettyAnn Maki said...

Naomi V. for Sharina .
Hi Marcel,
I got an email from Sharina, she has received my swap mug rug. I'm glad she liked it. I will let you know when I receive hers.
I'm going to Utah April 24th for a week.
I will get intouch with you from there.
Take care of yourself.

~Xo said...

I have a few Christmas fabric scraps I can donate. Email me your address:


Unknown said...

Naomi.. I know I really hope that the shot I have on Thursday helps :O)
I really don't want surgery right now.. but if it will help me feel better. Then that is the answer!!!
Hugs for thinking of me and ladies thank you for the wonderful donations that are arriving here at the Oleo Ranch (One of the cheaper Spreads) ;O)