Friday, May 18, 2012


I love the creations that other seamstress come up with. I am always in awe at the completed projects. Some of them I say to my self... Self that is quite Interesting, Love it or No that's not for me.
Nadine at Apron Valley Road Blog my sweet friend, and such a great lady.
 She is always coming up with great ideas!!
Can she sew .. HECK yes she can. I just had to share the latest project she made with you.
 I am blown away by it... It is Over the Top 
After you see the photo and run over to her blog you will agree.... 
Now this is something that as an adult I would love!!! 
LOL could you make one for the Pitty??? 
Using her Photos .. Please???
Why do I want one?????
Because it makes me SMILE!!!


NadineC said...

LOL! You silly goose, you! I could see making a Pitty book with her pics (and mama's!)although I'm not sure how much good it would do to teach her her colors, haha...maybe instead of colors, she would be more interested in pics of her other pet-friends...or pics of yummy dog treats and toys... Thanks for putting this link up - I had soooo much fun making this book and little Abby LOVES it a lot!