Friday, June 8, 2012

What's on your mind... me???
The sun is up and it was very still outside. No noise except the sounds of the huge wild turkey that was in the front yard. This is the second time that I have seen him. I am pleased.. the man that owns the field across the street has quit hunting there. The wild life is starting to come back.. Saw a huge cock pheasant about 3 weeks ago.. I have seen him 3 times hence. Can't wait until winter to see if the deer are back. :O) 
Life in the country is AWESOME!!!


Khris said...

Well Miss Pitty Pat I am enjoying lazy days of late but need to find some mojo to do some sewing. Crazy how easy is to fall into bad habits of doing nothing in general other than the house work...and how boring is that!! Its been 6 months or so since I have been actually able to surf and read blogs I used to follow ritually....hopefully I can find the mojo to start doing something more creative...hugs Khris