Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tote Handles

Carol asked how I make my Easy Peasy tote handles....
It's hard to explain without a photo.... I hope my Photo example helps.
First I decide what color I want my Main fabric. I cut this strip to 2 1/2" wide and desired length. (I cut these strips from centerfold to selvage on the material. I use my ruler and rotary cutter). Fold this strip in half and press wrong sides together with edges even to one side, and the ironed crease on the other side. Open the Main strip and fold and press the raw edges to the center as indicated in the photo.
This is the same way you would make a bias strip.
Cut a piece of batting 1" in width and the desired length. This batting strip is placed inside and down the center of the main fabric fold. Press all of this flat. Cut a 1 1/2" wide accent strip with desired length.
This accent strip is also made like a bias strip.

To construct.. Place the main fabric and batting with raw edges up. Next Pin the raw edges of the small bias to the cover the raw edges of the main fabric opening. As shown in the photo. Stitch down either side of the small bias to secure it and cover any openings.

I have found I love adding the accent trim to the handle.. but you can make them the old fashion way.
4 inch strips.. fold in half then fold in half and stitch down either side of strip to secure. If I do a handle this way I also add a bit of iron on interfacing to make them a bit stronger and not so wimpy.

I hope your not to confused with my instructions. Once you make one.. you will understand my concept.


Unknown said...

My friend Jacquie tried to comment.. but for some reason it did not post.. so I am re-posting for her.

Jacquie Campbell I use this for handles. and when I dont have this I use fusible interfacing on both sides of the batting! I also have ultrasuede that makes amazing handles!
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NadineC said...

APP showed me how to make these when I was visiting her the first time a couple years ago. We were finishing up some totes she'd started, with were very patchwork-y, and we used patchwork for the handles as well (instead of one solid piece for the 2 1/2" strip - we pieced a bunch of strips til we got the desired length, then cut 2 1/2" strips from the pieced fabric, and continued finishing the handles by adding the 1" center strip). They were very pretty! Thanks for putting this tute up here for all of us, APP! :-)

Calicojoan said...

Makes perfet sense to me, and much much easier that trying to turn those crazy things. I am thinking about making market tote bags, so this is very timely for me!! Thanks a bunch!

Marle said...

Thank you so much for showing us! I like this easy way to make them much better than the usual way!
Greetings from Germany, Marle

Rosa said...

Thanks for the tip.Sure I`ll try it!

Cathorse said...

Liked this way to make handles I will give it a try on my next bag. Although Hubby says I have too many now. Lenore Australia