Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The New Year

My New Year is starting out ok, nothing exciting to report... I am weaning my broken foot out of the walking cast. I can honestly say the foot doesn't hurt .... it just gets sore... My foot feels funny when I walk on it . Like there is a huge lump on the bottom. I am hoping that is only swelling and it goes down... The Ortho Dr did say it could take up to a year for my foot to fully heal... Wow.. I mean double WOW!!

We have had snow on the ground here and there the last couple of weeks. I was laughing and saying how nice it was to be able to be home when it snows, now that I have Retired. No more scraping ice from the windshield of my vehicle when the wind and snow is flying around like a blizzard.

I have started to get the sewing itch with all the adorable and useful patterns that have came out. Here are a couple of them that I have.

First I would like to talk about Sally and her fantastic Bionic Gear Bag..
You can find it at Craftsy .

Sally has taken her pattern a bit farther, she has made useful groups and videos on YouTube. Here is a  video you can watch. I am adding another link to show..... you don't have to use this bag just for sewing.. you can use it for your gadget bags too.... What a handy little tool bag for all your sewing needs. Sally has also formed a sewing group for ladies that are making these bags. The SewMuchNicer  group was formed to help each other, in making your bags.. just in case there is a sticky situation. I have noticed in the group the ladies are adding handles to the bag. Which btw I am loving that idea.  One woman mentioned she was making this bag for her niece to keep her makeup in... yep lots of ideas for using this bag.... not just for sewing :O) What a fun group of ladies in there. Why not???? I'm in there. Join up if your a Face Book fan. Sally is great.. I have spoken to her several times. She even called little ole me on the Phone and chatted with me several mins... Yes I feel very special :O) Sally lives in Co and you know me I live in.. Ta Town Ks....so hopefully one day soon.. we can meet in person. Sally states she comes to Ks now and again. It would be so fun to meet her!!

Have you gotten the itch to get that sewing machine out yet? Well dust it off and lets get going... On to the next item I want to show you... its the newest fun pattern to come out.... is the Tooly Tool Holder Easel,  This pattern can be purchased on Craftsy.

I have to be honest.. I haven't heard much about this pattern other than the Ladies are loving it..I also loved it when I saw it.. what a handy way to hold your tools.


Rosie said...

Love the idea of snow, it is rain, rain, rain here. But it is the wet season! I have the bionic bag pattern and can't wait to make it either! Can't wait to see yours as well and maybe we can show them on the SewMuchNicer site!

Beeshebags said...

I have both those patterns but haven't made the Tooly Tool Holder Easel yet....but it's on my to do list....the BGB is first though....have that part way through being made lol

Happy New Year to you and all your readers APP xxx

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

oh gosh I do LOVE the tool caddy..But I know it is to advanced for me, I know you can make and enjoy it!! Happy New Year!!! (((Hugs))) Sherrie

Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you too! Your foot pain might be a stumble, but it can also be a starting point. At least it lead you to push yourself into a position where you insist to keep on going. The treatments will deal with the rest. Anyway, I hope you are faring better these days. Take care!

Aubrey Holloway @ Primary Care AK

CJ said...

Hi! M ~ Good to hear things are going well for you. I've been doing some sewing too :) Nice to be able to view your blog again, now that I finally was able to get a new computer! yay!
Take care. Hope your foot heals up faster then the doctor says.