Monday, September 14, 2009

Disappearing 9 patch top

I held a very fun and exciting Disappearing 9 Patch block swap recently. I was astounded at how many signed up for it. Then ...... how many of you wanted to join in on it twice. This swap was one of my famous... use what you have fabric swaps. We received some very fun and exciting blocks from this swap. I have received tons of wonderful feed back and several of you have said you can't stop making these blocks :) And they are blaming me for this new addiction they have. LOL I know these blocks are so darn easy to make ;)

So here are the results of one swappers top!
All laid out under construction
She decided not to use all 40

as not all the colours worked together)

& below sewn together.

Wendy: I made a few extra of my own they are the repeats
& I added in some extra strips on the sides . . . all balanced!

Now see what you can do with these fun blocks... This quilt top is Brilliant!! I even think the left overs would look fantastic in a pillow or pillowcase, or why not a tote ;)

Great fun!Wendy from Hartylittlepeaces has given me permission to use her photos and some of the article from her blog post.
Thank you Wendy :)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

I see one of my blocks in there! How pretty they all look together.


Jennifer said...

She did a great job. I like how it turned out. I should send you the pictures of my quilt top. I still haven't added the binding, but otherwise it's done. said...

Thanks Ladies!
So nice to have 'international' feedback!
I'm looking forward to seeing other peoples!
. . . & glad you can spot one of your own blocks!

Becky said...

I started hand sewing all of mine together this weekend. It's gonna be one crazy quilt.

It's been interesting to see how everyone put their blocks together for the swap. Most everyone used teeny little stitches and pressed all seams to one side. Are those folks frequent quilters I wonder?

I'm usually a garment stitcher and noticed that one other gal and I appear to be the only ones who used medium sized stitches and pressed our seams open. is she also a garment stitcher?

It's so much fun though!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I was on her blog and I think she did a great job, I see one of mine in there too!!