Sunday, September 6, 2009

I wonder whats up???

I have had a heck of a time getting motivated to sew this weekend. I wander what the story is. I did sew some today but not as much as I needed too.. I guess I will have to hit it hard and heavy tomorrow. I did get the last pillowcase finished for Granny Peachy. Then I started in on the 15 neck coolers for the guys. I have them over half done.. but I was hoping to get them finished today. Maybe just maybe if I'm not too tired after I finish here I might work on them some more tonite. I really needed a break.. I worked on all of those items for about 5 hours. Even though I got a late start sewing. Then I heard this very faint little voice saying... come to the fridgie .. come to the fridgie... Pepsi was calling me :0) Besides I think I need food.. I still haven't eaten dinner or lunch :( I know bad M.
I would like to at least get the seams pressed and creased on the coolers before I got to bed. Then the rest of the sewing should go really really fast tomorrow ;) Then I have one more MUST have present to make. After that I have to make an apron and a purse to carry the Pitty in. I will use it when Nadine and I go out shopping ;) Pitty has to go shopping with us.. she can't stay home. I take her everywhere with me :)
Then after that if time permits I will just make some small stuff...
This purse is going to be one of those design as you go also items.. I want the sides to have mesh panels so Pitty can see outside when she is in side ;) I might need a day for that.. Tuesday was my day to sew that.. Other than that.. I can't figure out why... Or can I????? I really didn't want to get with it in the sewing dept today... I think I know why :)
Nadine was laughing at me because she told me I should check out this web site:
Check it out I did!!!
I started looking at that web site and I could not stop until I looked at all of it. Believe me it is a huge web site.. it took several hours to go through all of it. There is some amazing stuff on that site. It was like.... I have to click just one more page... I kept telling myself I will only look a few more pages.. then it was one more and then two.. oh my gosh I was hoping it would go on forever :) It really was ugly to see me so wrapped up in that site.. I lost all track of life around me... I can hear it now..... your asking what about the Pitty???? No I didn't forget the Pitty she was on my lap as I drooled out the side of my mouth and had this daze look on my face. This web site has tons of free tutorials and patterns. It also has a few sites where you have to purchase patterns. There is anything and everything to make.
Like I said .. I was sort of glued to my seat looking at all of the wonderful stuff :)
This web site should come with a warning:
It is very addictive.. I might have to join a Blogger Anonymous group over it :)

I just couldn't stop!!! LOOKING!!!


NadineC said...

Believe WILL eventually be ok. Once you've seen it all on oneprettything, then just make it a regular spot to check daily and it won't be so overwhelming :-) Of course...I'm not sure how long it's going to take to see everything the first time, LOL! Should I be sorry I steered you there? :-)

Jennifer, Gypsy Hill Quilt Studio said...

Hey M, diet pepsi kept me motivated as I sewed all weekend. Late nights, but I still feel like I accomplished nothing even though I know I did. I know you got a lot done - it's definitely nice to take a break now and then. I'll be careful checking out oneprettything with your warning. :)

Becky said...

Noooooooooooooo!! Not another fabulous site that I want to see but really shouldn't because as it is I am behind on what I want to get done and I'll never catch up if I keep going to all these really cool sites that have really cool stuff [deep breath]...........

Note to self: Self, lay off the Diet Pepsi products with caffiene ;)