Friday, September 25, 2009

Its lazy daze :)

Hello all my sweet little friends. Its been a slow vacation so far. I have been to see Grandma Peachy and she seems very well and happy. She really liked the items that I made her. But of course they had to be brought back home. She didn't want them lost in the care facility. I can understand, but darn I wanted her to use the pillowcases that I made her. I even put her name on them hoping they would not get lost. Oh well she at least loved them that is what is important. I think we.. me and mom have decided to refashion the cases.. to use them as ditty bags for grannies laundry. We can throw one down in the bottom of the basket with the dirties. LOL no one will take them that way :) ... hee hee hee.
Speaking of sewing I finished the hand work on my sisters quilt over the last couple of evenings while I was watching TV. She made this very fun T-shirt quilt for my niece. The shirts were T-shirts that were collected or ones that my nephew and niece made over the last few years. I have taken photos.. I will share the quilt with you when I get home.
I was reading a quilting Magazine and saw where my favorite Sewing Machine brand has come out with a what they are calling a reasonable long arm machine. If any of you have the prices on the baby lock long arm Jewel... send me a post.. I have been surfing the net for a couple of hours trying to get an idea on how much they cost.
Ok nothing interesting to report except!!!!.................. The very fun day I spent with Nadine. We went to a quilting shop in Lafayette. Both of us purchased material that we shared with each other. She purchased some fun patterns and I purchased some fun Japanese quilting books. I also purchased a couple of quilting rulers. After that we went walking around the square. First thing up was a stop in the pet store. We saw a lot of cute items but nothing we couldn't live without. Then we decided it was lunch time ....We lunched at a place where we could eat outside and Pitty could sit in her own chair. It was such a fun relaxing lunch. We talked about quilting, sewing and just life ;) It was a lot of fun laughing and joking with a dear friend. It was just like we have been friends forever. She spent the day with me and then the next day went on down south to see another friend. But she will be back this way to spend a couple more days with me :) Before she heads home to Washington. Yeah!!!
Oh before I forget.. I almost lost the Pitty!!!! LOL to Nadine... the two of them fell in love with each other instantly. Pitty just begged and begged for Nadine to pick her up and love on her.. and Nadine obliged without complaint :)
More later :)


NadineC said...

Hey, GF! Not much signal strength here for cell or netbook. Glad I tossed in an internet cable at the last minute, because the wi-fi is hit-and-miss, but the cable works. Have to go wander around a bit though to get a cell signal and even then I get cut off most of the time. Had a bit of a scare with the car, too...water leaking from underneath, but THINK it's just condensation from running the a/c for hours on end, at least that's the general consensus, so hopefully that's it. Found a couple fabric stores - one quilt, and one hi-end fabric including some Japanese stuff at $20.99 a yard, but oh-so-cute designs. Found some cute patterns and little giftie ideas! Does the Pitty miss me? :-) See you soon!