Monday, March 15, 2010

Angeled Annie for Maria

My sweet friend Maria is always my life saver when it comes to being an Angel for someone that did not get a swap package. She is the first to raise her hand to help me out. I am very lucky to have a swapper that is so kind and generous. Well ladies she was flaked on in my last two swaps. What are the odds that would happen to the same person at the same time. She did not receive an Annie nor did she receive her Halloween apron. I made this lovely little Annie for her. I didn't make her in costume this time.. but I dressed her in a fun Halloween color homespun. Then I added the bright themed print for the apron. I know it doesn't replace the excitement you get when you get your package during the swap, but I hope this little girl makes up for the disappointment you felt Maria.
All I know for sure is Maria one sweet lady that will not go without a swap. I have made arrangements for one of my other dear friends to make her a Halloween Apron.

Maria says she has received her Annie and loves her ;)


Sherry said...

How nice of you to make sure one of your swappers got what she should When I started bloging I had heard this happens and in my first swap it happened to me but I was not as lucky as your swapper. The host did nothing about it as to.The host herself never got back to me. And worst I didn't even get a thank you for the one I sent untill I emailed her weeks after and she said she did. I do put my heart and sour into my swaps and even if you don't like it you should email to say you received it. Its just like your Christmas swap 9 people not sending and now it leaves you with having to deal with it. But I have to says Thanks for making sure we all get what we should and I would like to Thank you for doing this. I think I will have to think twice before I inter anouthe swap.Your's I will always do seeing you put yourself out for them. Your a great host.Ok I will stop Bitching.

Jennifer said...

She's really cute! You did a great job.

Unknown said...

What a super cute doll. :)

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your doll. She's so cute. Question: have you sent out the blocks for the Holly Jolly Christmas swap yet? I haven't received anything and was just wondering. C.

CJ said...

aahhhh!!! she is sooo sweet, Auntie, just like you!! :)
You are an amazing Swap Mommie♥