Thursday, September 8, 2011

Block Swappers

I must make a dead line to all of those that still have their blocks out!!! At the end of next week (7 days) all blocks received will be sorted and shipped back to the ones that sent their blocks in on time.. If I don't have your blocks in that time frame.. please don't send them...... If your blocks are received after the 7 days... I will ship them back. Sorry It has been almost a Month after due date.... 
I am sorry to those that have completed and waited so long for your blocks... You have waited long enough! Thank you ladies that have completed this swap on time. 
I also Thank You....for your patience in this long drawn out swap! 
This is really no way to participate in a swap, keeping everyone waiting!!


Mary Lea said...

Thank you!! I am very excited to see all the blocks...and put together a fun quilt!!

Maria said...

Hi, it's Maria, one of the late swappers! Sorry to everyone. I offered to do a second set of blocks because someone dropped out at the last minute. My first set of blocks would have been on time, but the second is taking a bit of time. Had my grandson and daughter and granddaughter visiting. Then a family funeral this weekend. I will be going to the border to send them out on Monday for sure! I apologize for my part in holding up the swap. But please be assured they will be coming, and that I have never, ever! dropped out or scamed anyone on a swap.
Marcel does a wonderful job, and deserves our blocks on time.
I hope you like the blocks I am sending, I think they are really cute!

Unknown said...

I agree that Marcel has wonderful swaps, and am also sorry to hold the group up. I had been watching your blog and all the swapping goings on here, Marcel for awhile. Now, my Halloween swap goodies are ready; just finishing up the tote! Wow! am looking forward to seeing the blocks!