Monday, September 19, 2011

Halloween Blocks were mailed out today :) Yeah!!!!

I mailed out all the wonderful fun Halloween blocks today after work... I hope you like them.. they were really cute this year... for those of you that owe me postage I will send you and email shortly with the amount due ;) Fees can be paid via the donate button here on the blog ;)
Thank you all for another fun year of Halloween blocks... Now start thinking ahead for the Christmas block swap. I will open the sign ups in a couple of weeks :)


Unknown said...

Whoohooooo! here they come! I'm so excited. Thanks so much for hosting! I look forward to the up coming swap and the Christmas swap!


Cathy said...

You did good Auntie! Glad you made it through this swap so you can proceed with the next one.

Mary Lea said...

YAY!! I am sooo excited! Can't wait to get them going!

Unknown said...

Hi M,
Girls, I received my blocks today and WOW! they are spectacular! You ladies are really talented. grin... I put them on my design wall and will post a pic on my blog soon....thank you all! Now on to the Christmas swap...oh, wait, the Halloween swap is first,,,,teeheehee...

Unknown said...

Back again, this time to thank you M for your gorgeous block...that boiling cauldron is so very special! I am so happy we went on and swapped! I tried to go to each lady's blog and let her know how much I really love her block; Birdina and Robin don't have blogs listed; so ladies...just want you to know YOUR BLOCKS ARE AMAZING!


Sherry said...

Thank you so much for the Halloween blocks! I didn't know what to expect since I've never done a quilt block before. I was in awe! I was so proud of mine....until I saw everyone elses. Oh my, what talented ladies you have found!!

Thanks again!