Monday, March 9, 2015

Courthouse Steps Block

 I want to talk about another one of my favorite quilt blocks. This block is called the Courthouse steps.. it's a very fast and easy beginner quilt block.
The Courthouse Steps pattern is a variation on the Log Cabin quilt block. Like the Log Cabin it's all squares and rectangles, no bias edges, no special rulers or templates, no fancy tools needed to create these lovely quilt blocks. 

The difference between the log cabin and the Courthouse steps?
Instead of sewing strips around the center of the block in a circular motion, like the Log Cabin. The Courthouse steps has two strips added to opposite sides of the center square first. Then two strips are sewn along the remain two sides of the center. The same back and forth motion continues until the block has grown to desired size. 

When making your Courthouse steps blocks you should also be mindful of your lights and darks to show off your pattern when making your blocks. 

Here is a lovely example of a Courthouse steps block.. made into a mug rug/mini quilt from hurrayic:baking

Here is a pretty example made into a pillow from Val's Quilting

A pretty quilt using the Courthouse steps pattern.

I still have my first attempt at a quilt top ...
 I selected the Courthouse steps pattern..
Yep ... it is awful and cut every which away.... 
Rumply seams and not square at all.
Not a good example of a quilt for sure.
I saw a quilt in a book and sort of went for it..
 NO instructions and NO idea of what I was doing... 
 Thank goodness I have came a long way since then!!!