Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Bucket List

The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman.

If you haven't seen it yourself, the general jist of the movie is that two men- one a rich billionaire (Nicholson) & one a blue collar mechanic (Freeman)- meet in the hospital as they both find out they have terminal cancer. They make a Bucket List- stuff they want to do before they kick the bucket. And then they proceed to do all the things on the list together and mark them off as they go along.

Their Bucket List:

Witness something truly majestic
Help a complete stranger for a common good
Laugh till I cry
Drive a Shelby mustang
Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world
Get a tattoo
See the pyramids
Get back in touch with...
Hunt the big cat
See Rome
What would your bucket list be???????

My Bucket List:
See Switzerland.
Go to Mount Rushmore and see the New Crazy Horse project.
Go to New England in the Fall.
See all the sights in Washington DC, Ground Zero, Visit Lady Liberty again.
Go to Abby Road follow the trail of the Beatles.
Build a studio on my property.

Do my Genealogy.

Buy another Sports car.
Shoot my first Boone and Crocket Buck.
Learn how to long arm quilt
Continue to pay it forward :)


The Apron Queen said...

Awesome list! Can I tag along? :D

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Anonymous said...

Your list sounds like fun!

Booming Aprons said...

OH I LOVED this movie!!I'm not a Nicholson fan proably the only one..but for my hubby I did watch this movie and LOVED it!!!!Your list sounds wonderful..I will have to make a list too!