Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ok to all the girlies out there that read Janet Evanovich... what did you think of the last book?????

Fearless Fourteen?????
more like Worthless Fourteen.....


I was very disappointed in this offering.. this book never took off ... the book just didn't have the quality to grab you by the seat of your pants like most of her other books.. the characters were shallow and never deeply involved.. it just dragged on.. Most of her books keep me laughing and laughing... but not this sad little one. I don't feel there was any meat and potatoes to the book. The story was even goofy..... She left out a lot of the great characters in this book... or I should say she didn't use them much in the story. I was very disappointed in it.. Right now as I sit here and type this blog.. I have bits and pieces of the book in my head.. that is how the story went.. bits and pieces skipping all around. Let me know what you think... or if I am wet behind the ears and need to shut up LOL :)

I also took the time to read the what she calls the in-between books.. I kind of like the new male character Diesel... he sounds like a huge Gary Busey type. Hunky :) And a bit on the wild side.