Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Here is my Sweet Girl that turned 26 this year

Here are photos of me and my little girl when she was in her prime. We use to Team Pen together. It was a lot of fun for this ole cowgirl. My horse loved to pen those cattle. She would literally jump into the trailer every Sat night to go pen.

She is now turned out to pasture to take it easy for the remaining years of her life. I don't think that will be very many more as she has lost a ton of weight this summer and she is moving very slowly. I am feeding her equine senior food and supplements to try and get her pumped back up to make it through the cold winters of Oz Ks. But I don't know if that is going to do her any good either. She does seem to be improving.. or at least my brain has wishful thinking when I look at her.

I hope you enjoy looking at me and her as we have been a team for over 20 years now.

I will be very devastated when she passes. I have trusted her with my life and she has trusted me with hers for so many years. I wake up and the first thing I do is look out the window to see if my equine kids are all up and moving about. It is sure a pretty site to be hold. Not everyone can have such a majestic animal in their backyard. I am truly blessed.


RamFam said...

I love the glimpse into your life! Glad you've gotten more personal. You are both gorgeous!

Shawnee said...

HI girly! You should FINALLY have a package from me arrive tomorrow or the next.

Anonymous said...

Hello There! I just wanted to let you know that your apron will be in the mail tomorrow! The machine has been on the fritz and it took me longer than I expected! I hope you like it!

<3 Your partner

val said...

She is just lovely. What a wonderful life the two of you have had together :-)

Thanks so much for sharing!

CathyJean said...

She is sooo beautiful!!!! What's her name?
Well, I'll be!! you are a "real ol' cowgirl"! :)
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Ginger said...

We love you so much here a award!
Because I always enjoy your blog so much and you are so creative, I've chosen you to receive an award from my blog. If You would like to display it on your blog, please come on over and grab yourself a copy.
hugs ginger :o)))

Ginger said...

Love your humor i giggled and giggled so happy you liked your award we all love ya!!!