Friday, September 5, 2008

Other useful ways of doing things

Yeah its the end of the week. No more PT appointments and no more Dr appointments for this week.....It seems like I am at one or the other everyday of the week. Ugh I want to stay home!!!
I had a PT appointment this morning and got my TENS unit to help shock my muscles to try and help release them.
If no one knows what I am talking about ... I was in an auto accident in June involving a Drunk Driver. I was injured and am still being treated.
Why I am writing this post????? ...............
We put the tens unit on for the first time today. Its a little device that when turned on it shocks your muscles. Believe it or not it feels pretty good. Anyway.... I had to take off the electrodes when I got home.... Now this was no easy task. I wonder to myself why in the world would they put that silly thing where I could not grasp it??? You know just right there in the middle of your back. That area you can never seem to scratch by yourself. Try as I might I could not get my hand in the area where it needed to be to grasp that little round sticky and gooey circle. Do you think it could be because I am old and don't bend that way anymore? Heck I'm not part of the circus ... here I am jumping around trying to get this thing that is stuck to me off.. I stood on my head .. I'm rolling on the floor like a beached whale...I layed down.... I twist.... I turn...I had to get this little disk can't wear them when you shower.
I could see it now.. Headline news... stupid woman shocked to death in her own shower by tens unit.... Now I would be on the Darwin list of stupid things!!!!!
Oh back to story... why do I always get side tracked writing these things????
Anyway here I am stuck with this electrode on my back... what to do???? what to do??? Well since I have no one to help in the immediate area... like any well adjusted woman I took matters into my own hands... since I could not reach it with my fingers... Yes you guessed it.....I grabbed a set of tongs from the kitchen drawer...
Yeah it worked out just perfect. I am quite proud of myself being able to remove that little electrode all by myself. Now I know how to get it back on and into the right place too :)
So if anyone has other fun and useful ways to use other items intended for other uses please comment.. I would love to hear some of your ideas :)


val said...

gosh, I had to have that when I had my car wreck ages ago...but I never left the office with it on. Kinda scary. As for high heels and wooden spoons...they make decent hammers. :-)

CathyJean said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had an accident that is still causing you so much pain. I had an accident about 20 years ago that I got a neck injury from. I am never really ever "pain free", it only gets worse with age :(
(I love your humor! Keep looking on the brighter side and laugh, because being depressed is a real downer!)
Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Miss M you crack me up!!!
I love than you can be funny and postive while being shocked. I hope you heal soon.

On the bight sde of things The best apron I have ever made is on it's way come monday and should arive in your hot little hands by mid week.
I am going to mae my self and BFF the same apron out of the same fabric cuz it's too dang cute not too.