Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend events :)

Well it has been a very busy weekend around my house. I got a call last Tuesday that my Gracy Pinnacle Quilting Frame was in. As luck would have it I was busy all week and could not go pick it up. Besides I knew I would need help so I had to wait until the weekend.

Bad move waiting for the weekend. It was raining frogs and tad poles at my house Thursday, Friday, and Sat. I have a truck!!!! no bed cover:(

So I did what any smart person would do... I called my (Bubba) brother to come help.

No....... first off I have to tell you he doesn't have a cover on his truck either. He doesn't even have a van.... but he has: a hearse... yes you read that right he has a hearse... we went to pick up my frame in a hearse.

We pull up to this sewing shop full of women in a big white hearse. You should have seen the crazy looks we got :) it was rather funny!!! Anyway the woman that owned the shop helped like that was an everyday thing. Seeing people pull up to her shop in a hearse.

The owner of shop and I were standing at the counter when my brother walked in... she looked up and smiled that quirky smile like.... Awe... am I suppose to be friendly or scared.

Now let me give you an idea of what Bubba looks like.

He is over 6 ft... and about 225 in weight. Facial hair about a foot long and hair almost to his butt in a pony tail. Wearing that I'm a bad Azz attitude... Biker? Not really just a Poor side of town sort of guy. Kinda like James Dean, and Dirty Harry mixed together. The looks of someone you would not want to cross.... get my picture here...

Well anyway this woman was just a jewel to him. Got him a two wheelie and helped him load the two boxes on the two wheelie. Just chattin him up all the way out the door. They both came back in laughing like old friends. Now wasn't that just sweet :o)

My big bad azz brother has that affect on everyone he meets. Really he is just this good ole country boy if you got to know him. He cracks me up all the time.

Oh there I go again off the story.... any who ha... back to the story.

So here we are driving around in his very nice white hearse. We went to lunch, stopped by the stop and rob and got a Pepsi... It really was quite fun ridding around in it. Most people say "I wouldn't even ride in one of those if I was dead" Now what kinda stupid statement is that? Are they going to have the Pal bares carry them by hand on their shoulders all the way to cemetery? Or on the back of a lumber truck???

Ok! Ok! I know get on with it :)

This car is like an extended Cadillac... which this hearse was a Caddy by the way. The seats were soft and comfortable, the stereo was factory and it had the sound of a theater right there in the front seat with you. Not to forget the smooth gliding ride... Yep has me convinced to own one. It rode better than any limo I have ever ridden in.

On the way home..... Bubba asked "Are you going to be able to put this together?"

Me the smart azz cowgrl that I am stated " Yep I'm a woman I can read instructions" I thought my brother was going to S and fall back in it. His girlfriend, is laughing so hard I thought she would pee her self :) Of course I got my usual retort from him... SMART AZZ!! get in the car!!!

Bubba brought me home and carried in the two heavy boxes. I started putting the frame together. I opened both boxes... saw all the little parts and said to myself: Piece of Cake...I'm standing there on one leg and one finger stuck up my nose.. thinking to my self.. stupid stupid girl that's a rocket scientists job.

It!!!!! read my words... It took me almost 9 hours to put that thing together. I tell you it must have been Purple little trolls that wrote out those instructions, and the helpful video was made from the man on mars. Neither video or instructions matched. I tell you who ever writes out these instructions.. they need to put one together as they write the instructions out. Because.... the ones I had didn't make any sense. I put one step together and 2 steps down the road I had to take it all apart...because there was a part missing or put on backwards by the instructions.

So I as any well adjusted female... I turned on the video disc and watched it over and over again.. until I got the hang of it and started putting the frame together by looking at the parts. Just like I would in making a dress. Since most sewing patterns don't make sense either. (must be written by men that do not sew) So anyway I got that frame together in about 2 hours my way and its perfect!!! I love it.... here is my new baby in my living room ... takes up the entire ... I mean entire living room but I love it :) Its the only room in my house long enough for her to fit in. That is even a tight squeeze :)

I have to go today and by muslin for the leaders... then I can start creating with my new baby :) I am sew excited!!!!!


Yarni Gras! said...

great story about your the quilt thingie....can't wait to see what you make........

CathyJean said...

Oooohhhhh! Marcel!! I'm soo excited for you! :-) Can't wait to hear "I'm ready to quilt tops". hummm....
I loved the story of how you got it home and put together :) You won't soon forget that!
Your brother sounds like a really neat guy!

queenoftheclick said...

Wow that is a snazzy machine. I have a lot of technology at my house, but I have never seen a machine like that. Love hearing about your brother and his hearse. It's good he is a good brother and helped with the boxes.