Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Computer Woes :O(

I picked up Kermit the computer from the computer shop tonight. I am so heart sick... The computer guy could not save any of my programs, photos, music, research or anything. I have been loading up programs since I returned home tonight. For some reason I can not load up my external hard drive that has all my photos. I will continue to try if I can't get it done I will have to return Kermit to the repair shop. I have lots of upgrades and other stuff to do. I might be at this for the next two nights after work. On a happy note I got Kermit up graded and now he is a tad faster ;) Yeah...... So I will be busy for a few days trying to get the computer back to some what normal. I am not trying to ignore anyone... just trying to get everything back to where I can start posting and adding photos again :)
Until then have fun and I will see all of you soon :)


Kathy said...

Kermit is a great name for your computer!

Val said...

You name your computers like we name our houses that we flip. My computer needs to go the hospital but she is just gonna have to die before I give it up. Good luck with yours.

Barb said...

Wow...sorry for your computer woes....hope you can get back to normal soon...and glad you are back!!

CJ said...

Hey, you're home! yea!! Sorry the ole' computer is giving you so much grief :(
I'm planning on mailing my blocks to you on Monday - still finishing them up and we are getting a big ice/sleet storm (yuk!!) Hope that won't do as much damage as predicted.
For some reason I thought you weren't going to be home until next week.
Hope you have better luck with the computer!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Aunt Pitty Pat,

Rubert (my computer) told me to tell your computer 'Kermit' that he hopes Kermit gets well soon.

Been there!

Hugs, Euphoria