Monday, January 11, 2010

A fast stop at Pop's

I stopped by dads house last week when I dropped off the desk top computer. Both places were with in a mile of each other. I was close to big Daddy O's I took him a movie that I was telling him about. I think its called New in Town. Its a very cute light hearted movie with Renee Zellwinger and Harry Conick Jr. If you haven't seen its .... its worth the watch :)

Well back to the story...... Step Monster opened the door and she said your dads on the Porch. (Its glassed in) He was out there working on one of his little expensive metal race cars. Guess what he had on??? Yes you guessed it he had on the wonderful fun apron that I made him for Christmas. LOL I caught him in the act of wearing it ;) I have talked to him several times since Christmas and he always says how much he loves this new apron. He even went on to say how much Step Monster loves her tote :) As I was leaving Step Monster stopped me and told me again how much she loves the tote bag. Boy you would think that I never sew anything for these people... Well I do.. but now I just wait until they ask for a certain thing. I then write it on a list of things I need to make for the family. I am still trying to figure out what to make Bubba. I think I almost have my idea worked out in my head.. now its time to set it to paper and design the silly thing :) I am going to try and make him a lap blanket he can take with him, when he goes to his Hearse Car shows. I am going to put the clubs name on it and a Hearse car of course :)
It's all in the works this idea.. but I hope I can come up with something awesome and exciting!!!
Aweeeeee it always makes me so happy when I sew it right!!

I have to take the time out really soon and make my mom a new potato bag. She called right before her surgery to say the one I made her while in Ca is no longer functional. That statement... I didn't get so I asked her what in the world are you talking about ...

Well................ she says to me .. Oh my goodness we loved the micro baked potato bag. We ate potatoes for lunch we ate potatoes for dinner... we wanted potatoes every time we turned around and the micro bag made it so easy and they turned out so good. I was cooking a small potato in the micro bag for myself. When all of a sudden I smelled smoke. I ran over to the micro and looked inside and the bag was on fire. I had to grab it with a pair of tongs and throw it in the sink and run water on it. Oh my I was horrified..... I had heard you could set them on fire if you cooked something to long in them. But never one small potato in the required amount of time. Mom and I talked about it and I thought since the timer went off and it was still setting in the micro.. heat and the moist air could have made it catch a fire. It's like in the country you never want to put damp baled hay in a barn as it will sometimes catch a fire too. Mom of course thought she might have cooked it too long. No one will ever know what happened for sure. I have had my micro bag for a couple of years now. Still use it all the time... and will continue to use it ;) I laughed about it later and said if something strange is going to happen its going to happen to my mom!!!

This is just another shinning example of an item made that is loved :)

So it will be up to the sewing room later today to make this micro bag and work on my blocks some more ;)

If you didn't notice................ I have a couple of swaps going in Pins and Needles.. If your not a member..... join and come play with us.... there is always lots of fun. We are still having our Sat nite chats and its a blast :) Come on bye and join in :)


Dayna said...

potato bags should be made with all cotton including the batting. With the newer micro waves the higher temps (whatever they call them) cause the polyester battings to catch on fire. Many instructions for making them were pulled from the Internet at one time because of the fire hazard. Need to keep an eye on everything these days!. Glad she wasn't burned!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

You are so right Dayna... I made sure that everything was 100% cotton. Yes ladies this includes the thread too.
If you find a pattern for these bags make double sure that everything is 100% cotton.
I think like I said the heat and moist air and so forth was just right to start the fire.
I have never had a barn fire.. but they happen here in my area all the time. Do to the bales being moist and heating up to form the mold that occurs when you bail wet hay.
Warm moist heat is combustible!

Rae Ann said...

I love the story about your dad and Step Monster. It is always fun to give someone something and have them really appreciate it.
I am glad you shared the story of the potatoe bag. I will remember to always use cotton everything when making more!

Barb said...

Never heard of a potato bag....

That is wondeful that you get to see your gifts enjoyed...I think my sons just went...what??? did she do that for? Oh well...

Becky said...

"Warm moist heat is combustible!" Heehee - don't I know it! My Hubby is living proof!! Heehee

Glad everyone loved their gifts. Some of my family members are too high-falutin' to appreciate hand crafted gifts - bleh!

Could please 'splain this potato bag of which you speak? Thanks!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Here is the link to make the bags.

This simple bag creates a “just right” baked potato in your microwave. The inside is well done, yet moist, and the skin remains tender.
The bag will cook one to four medium sized
potatoes at once.
Simply wash and dry your Potatoes. DO NOT PRICK!!
Wrap the potatoes in a paper towel and place in bag.
Microwave as instructed by the microwave manufacturer. Time will vary per microwave.
When serving, do not cut with knife, simply use a fork. potatoes will be very fluffy.
Let the bag air dry. ENJOY!!

Caution: Please do not leave unattended and make sure to use only 100% cotton materials. From a comment below: If your microwave is too hot to use the bags, either turn down in temperature or don’t use the bags (sparking, small burn hole problems in the fabric, or can cause fire).

Cathy said...

Ya know, I made and sold 100+ Potato Bags a few years back. They were selling like "hot potatoes"!! lol! I make mine from 100% cotton fabric, 100% cotton batting and use 100% cotton thread. I've never had a problem using mine - I have a regular size one and a mini one, BUT I had to quit making and selling them because of people who caught them on fire in their microwaves. I don't understand that, but it does happen. I even made fabric labels with instructions printed on them and sewed them onto my bags. Who knows why they catch on fire? too much wattage in the new microwaves? people cooking them for too long? I finally quit selling them because it was too scary :(
Now I have this cute potato print fabric left and don't know what to do with it.