Monday, September 6, 2010

APP's Stitches in Time ;)

Hello Bloggie friends.. APP has been sort of quiet on the blog posts lately. I think the APP has bit off more than she can possibly chew before Christmas. Your asking what does that mean. Well.... I have several swaps that I am in. Three Annie Swaps (started), Butterfly Siggy Swap (done), 3 Tote Bag Swaps (two completed) , A Halloween Apron Swap (not assigned yet), Both of my Holiday Block Swaps (started pieces cut out). Then there are my own projects several of them are in various stages of completion. Which is a good thing. I work on them when I have a free moment sitting and waiting to go in and see the doctors. While waiting on getting the little truck fixed.. all of you know where to find that extra little tad bit of time when you need it the most for some of your projects. I have the things I am working on in different stages of completion.. but if you have 20 free mins.. you can get a lot of applique pieces cut while waiting :) Or you can get a lot of stitching done while waiting. Anything you do puts you that much farther ahead ;)

I have been working hard on my own projects... I started three quilts, drawing, hand stitching and so on. I started these three quilts in July. One Quilt is an Annie Quilt ... I am making it for the Step Monster, and I am making two Hearse Quilts. One is for Big Daddy O and the other one is for Bubba. I started making Step Monster's Quilt... Then I thought hey I need to make the guys a quilt too... So that sent me off in another direction completely.
I have almost completed my12 little Annie Blocks. I knew they would work up fast so I went to work on my two hard projects. I wanted to insure I had enough time to get them done for Christmas. I have saved the last 3-4 Annie blocks for fun after my hard work on the other two quilts are completed.
I need your help :) I am trying to find some fun Annie Print material for this little quilt that will find a new home at Christmas. If I can't find Annie Material.. I think paper doll material would be a good choice also! I loved the Butterfly block so much that I recently made for a siggy swap.. I think I will use that block as the foundation blocks for this adorable Annie quilt. So ladies if you see fun Annie Material.. pass the link on to me please ;)
Here are my hand stitched blocks :)
Sorry the photos are so bad.. was in a hurry to snap them!!

What else has kept me busy??? I have been working on hand stitched quilt blocks for Big Daddy O and Bubba's Quilt. A lot of you know that they love to collect hearse cars. Yes they are the true real hearses that have been used in the professional car services. Taking individuals to their final resting place. A lot of people ask why do they collect such morbid things?? Well I don't know for sure.. but why do I collect vintage toy sewing machines.. one can never really answer that question sometimes. Why???
I have almost completed one set of 12 hand stitched blocks... these blocks are very fun to make. They have been a true challenge for me...... Why?? I had to search for the vehicles and draw my own stitching patterns from photos. I spent several days and hours surfing the web looking for just the right photograph to simulate. I think they have turned out awesome. I have shown them to several people. I ask them what do you see... all of them say a Hearse :) Yeah that is exactly the answer that I wanted. So my ideas are coming together nicely.

The following is the material that I am going to use for sashing, binding and backs of the Hearse quilts. I might throw in some random Skull material just to break things up a tad... I hope the guys like their gifts that I am making them :) Ps the Blk hearse material is getting very hard to find now!! If your wanting some.. lots of places are sold out now!!!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the projects that I have been working on. The swaps that I am in and the other projects at hand are keeping me away from the computer... If your like me .. you get an idea in your head and you run with it.. you can't stop until its done. So that my friends is why I haven't been on the computer much. Research, ordering fabric, making my own patterns, looking for the perfect blocks and so on!!
Oh I also forgot about my 3 other secret secret projects.. can't tell,,,, sorry!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Holiday today :)


Teresa aka MarieSews said...

The Annie blocks are delightful. I love the colors. Maybe Holly Hobby or Strawberry Shortcake fabric for the blocks and sashing?

Your hearses are just wonderful. What a great job. Love the fabric that goes with them.

Barb said...

Wow, I guess you have been busy.....I am dizzy from just reading it all.

Love your stitchery.

NadineC said...

Oh gosh, I'd better hurry up and git there to help you with all those projects! :-) In between shopping for more fabric, that is...

Unknown said...

Yep .. getting things ready for my sweet friends visits ;)
Girls just wanna have fun!!!

carla said...

Aw!!!! I love your stitcheries!!!! So cute!!!! hugs

Mistea said...

You are an amazing little stitching machine when you get your mind to it.
Love your Annies and your Hearse. That fabric is fun. You have a lucky family for sure!
Enjoy your stitchy time.

Jindi's Cottage said...

No wonder you've been quiet, all that industry going on...your stitcheries are fabulous...they are going to be fun quilts...Jindi Kelpie says woof to the Pitty...Happy stitching...

Doris Sturm said...

What lovely work you d, APP, but I am exhausted just reading about all your projects...I think I'll have a nap ;-)

CJ said...

Is this your Christmas Countdown post for my October giveaway? I don't see any reference to the Countdown in it (or a button on your sidebar, so I didn't think you were playing), but it's the only Sept. post you did about Christmas gift making. Please let me know??? Thanks,

JKW said...

You did great. I love the research of a project almost as much as doing it. Can't wait to see the finished product. Love the little girls hand embroidered (no embroidery machine here, all hand completed for me. Blessings, Janet