Sunday, September 19, 2010

My interview.. Repost from Patch Work Posse :0)

Interview with Aunt Pitty Pat

Since we don't have any new designer– there are more coming though!!! don't you worry….. I thought I'd share an interview with Aunt Pitty Pat. She is in charge of the wonderful siggy swap {thank you!} and totally talented when it comes to sewing and stuff.


So how did you get your crafty start? A neighbor next door to my parents use to make these really fun shaped animals and people using craft foam. She also made these really fun Easter Bunnies using Clorox bottles.

How long have you been crafting? Since I was about 11 years old and that my sweet friends was many moons ago.

What are your goals or dreams in regards to your craft/sewing/business? I started out sewing pet apparel for dogs.. but I didn't have much luck on that… I then switched to selling vintage buttons and patterns. I sell a few of those here and there. I also like to sell my OOAK pincushions. My dream is to sell enough products to purchase a new fancy Quilting Machine and Frame.

What else would you like people to know about you? I love to participate and hold swaps up on my blog. I have met some very fun and interesting ladies from all over the world by blogging and holding swaps.

What or who inspires you? I get inspired each day when I visit blogs of others. The ladies that I follow on my blog have such creative minds. I look forward to getting ideas and inspirations from others.

When you are not involved in your craft/business- what can you usually be found doing? On the computer blogging, watching a movie, or playing with my many creatures.

Tell us about your current projects. Currently I am working several swaps. A Halloween Tote swap, Halloween Block swap, Christmas Block swap, 2 Annie Dolls and 3 Quilts for my family… LOL I hope I get it all done before the due dates.. Especially the Family Christmas Gifts. I think I am a person that works better on pressure ;)

How many UFO’s do you have?Lots and Lots and Lots.. too many to count really. I use to be very good about finishing a project before going on to the next.. but when you join in on block swaps and other swaps.. and there are things to do to complete the items.. sometimes its hard to get back at them in a timely manner.

How much time do you spend on your craft? I sew as often as I can… I bet I spend 20-30 hours a week or more sewing.

What's your favorite color? Different shades of Blue

Do you have a favorite Notion? My scalpel for ripping out seams.

What sewing machine do you use? I have several sewing machines. I collect toy sewing machines, I have 2 Feather Weight Machines, 1 301 Singer, 2 Baby lock Machines, 1 Baby Lock Embroidery Machine, Juki Machine for Quilting on my frame, and 2 other older Singer Machines… I guess you can say I am sewing machine poor. I love Sewing Machines.. that and Chocolate are my down falls in life!!

What music do you usually listen to when you create? No noise at all.. just the click click of the sewing machine. Sometimes I turn on the radio for the weather when it looks like its going to be storming outside.

Do you also cook? LOL yes when I have to! I love to bake and make Candy. I also love to can foods.. like pickles, jams, stewed tomatos, and pickle Jalapenos.

Do you have a favorite pattern/project? I love to sew Annie Dolls and Aprons. I have no favorite patterns to speak of … all of the ones I have are very nice. If I was to choose a pattern that I like the best.. I love patterns from Brenda Greenwalt. She shares her amazing Annie Patterns with everyone.

What do you hate to do? I hate house work.. I would rather be sewing than anything else in this world. I love to create new patterns and designs to use or alter old clothing into something special.

What craft have you yet to try but haven't – and why haven't you done it yet? As far as crafting.. there is nothing out there that I am interested in trying at this time. I sort of do everything right now that interests me… other than building Bird Houses ;)

How did you come to start your business? When I purchased the Pitty Pat…(dog) I could not find clothes to put on her. So I started sewing for her.. I thought I would share my love of sewing with others that have small dogs, who wanted clothing for them.

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut or get burned out? Oh yes.. I think that happens to a lot of us that sew a lot. I am sure its that way with a lot of artisans. We all need to sit back and take a break to let our brains catch up with our thoughts ;)

And if so, what do you do to help yourself out of it? I see something that someone else has made and I get inspired all over again and there I go.. off to the sewing room.


Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself and of course for handling our little swap. You are the best!!!


gin said...

great interview, APP. I see you spend a lot of time sewing every week. No wonder you get all those blocks and other swaps done.You have some very lovely creations.

Doris Sturm said...

That was very interesting. What an informative interview about Auntie Pitty Pat!

I enjoyed getting to know you a little better - and I hope you sell enough of your crations to buy your new quilting machine and frame - and your sewing studio/shed also ;-)

With much love to you and Miss Pitty Pat
Doris and Gizzy :-)

JKW said...

OMGosh, that could have been my interview. . . we are so alike. I enjoyed that so much. . . I never listen to anything, I want complete silence, hard to do in a 'community' type place. Looking for a single somewhere I can have a pups and a garden. Many Blessings, Janet