Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House Keeping Matters.....

APP the Bag Lady... I am so behind!!!

Hello Sweet Swappers.. just reminders .. we are in the middle of a lot of swaps.. and it would help the APP out if you let me know when you send and receive your swaps. I have a lot to keep track at this moment.. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I have really enjoyed the swaps this season.. I have been so creative and have had some new block challenges and other health challenges to work through in my life also. I hope that I am on the road to better health and things will start to become APP's normal soon. Its been a long year for me as far as my health. I have continued to try and play on the blog and hold my swaps and sew. I know that I am running a tad bit behind on everything in my life right now... I do have you on a list and I am working as quickly as I can :)
I have the following items remaining to do.....
Send out all completed swaps:
Little Dirt Lane -Annie SENT
Patch Work Posse- Butterfly Blocks Done
Country Pleasure Apron Swap... SENT
Maria B.. Canada .. Annie.. working on it
Halloween Block Swap.. Done
Three Halloweens totes needed... Done ;)
Siggies.. Need to send out 3 blocks SENT... Hope to do that yet today :)
Working on Families Quilts
Working on Designs for the Christmas Block Swaps.. I have my choice of themes made now :)
Some where along the line.. I think that I signed up for a Stuffie swap also.. ????
Working on 3 Surprise Gifts .. I hope these are done in the next two weeks ;)
I need to make one strippy zipper pouch.
Working on APP's Halloween Annie and Sisters Red White and Blue Annie.. also have the parts ready for App's Christmas Annie :)
I also owe out a Give Away Package... SENT.. I am so behind on that.. I am so sorry Jenn.. I thought I sent it out already.. found the stuff yesterday when I was looking for other material ... UGH Bad APP....
I also have received Blocks and siggys.. I need to send out conformation emails on those too... Sorry.... Like I said I hope to do better with all this really soon.. Pt and Dr apts are slowing down now :) Yeah!!!! Now all I have to do is stop my addiction to FB :)
Ok I have and an appointment with the Dr in an hour so I better Git... just wanted to catch everyone up on my slow status... I have things written down.. but just not doing what I should sorry!!!
So you see I have been very very busy and I am sorry I have been slacking.. as far as emails and blog postings ;)
I know you have faith in me... I will try and do better ;)
Hugs.. and thanks for all the fun we are having this early Fall Season!!!

I might have missed putting one in the book :)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

http://www.hookedonneedles.com/2010/09/happy-halloween-just-little-early.html I received my swap package from Shannon.

http://www.hookedonneedles.com/2010/09/halloween-tote-bag-finished.html You can see the bag I made for her at this link. There's a link on my post to Shannon's about what else I sent her as well.

Another great swap, M! Thanks so much for organizing such fun!


NadineC said...

Just remember - if you need help after I get there on October 2, I will be a "captive audience" or maybe I should say a "captive helper" LOL! Looking forward to my visit! Smooch the Pitty for me, til I get there to do it myself :-)

San-Dee said...

Sweeta, just remember that everyone has the ups and downs of daily life, and that everyone understands when things get a tad behind. I will be finding my sewing machine after this weekend, and I know it will be happy to see me, the same way I'll be happy to see it

Unknown said...

Hi there, Sorry to hear you are so behind. Hope your health gets better and you can catch up. Of course, I am not sure if any of us crafty types ever catch up.

My Halloween tote will be in the mail on Friday. I have the tote finished and just need to add some goodies. I might get it in the mail earlier.

Cynthia L.

Jennifer said...

I'm not throwing stones. =) I was actually worried and thinking about sending an email because I've had a couple lost or late shipped items take weeks longer then expected to show up. I was hoping that wasn't the case. =)

How in the world are you able to keep up and fulfill so many swaps?!!! When I did Swap-bot I would finish a swap before signing up for another. I couldn't handle the idea of missing a deadline or getting in over my head. It was sad that after 6-9 months doing it I only had 6 swaps, but that was why.

I hope you kick these health issues and you're able to catch up on your gang load of swaps. =)

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

That is such a long list but it looks like you are slowly crossing things off. It's hard when daily life gets in the way but when your health goes wonky it makes it that much harder. Glad to hear that the PT and Dr appts. are slowing down.

Becky said...

I completely understand. Have been running late on all I do too.

Halloween Tote Bag - sent Priority Mail today.
Halloween tote Bag received today!!! yay It's so cute! Gonna post pics on APP flickr swap page in a few.

As always, THANK YOU!!!!!