Friday, November 5, 2010

Another fun day in Ta Town :) or at least most of it ;)

Wow does time seem to be slipping away from me... Thank goodness I almost have my Christmas Swap Blocks done ahead of time... Yeah for me :) I have been spending the last couple hours or so.... sorting out and repackaging the AMAZING Halloween Blocks that I have received from the participants in my Halloween Swap!!
Those that participated you will love the blocks that you will receive in return.. Oh BTW while I am thinking of it Shannon you have to share with me how you made your over the top fantastic Block!! I have never seen anything like it!!
Not to slight anyone... You ladies you are just too clever for me. I have been totally surprised at your awesome and creative blocks this year ;) I always enjoy seeing all of your wonderful fun blocks.. I will try and post them soon for everyone's enjoyment!
Once again thank you everyone that played
in my 2010 Halloween Block swap :)

Thank you to those of you that sent the sweet extras.
I really like them :)


Sherry said...

Hi Gld to see things are well. I have my blocks and want to mail them but lost your address can you send it to me thanks. I don't know what happened but I lots all my address in my acc. and I can't find it. Thanks

Shannon said...

I'm glad you liked my block. I will send the directions your way. I thought it would of been fun to send a treat in each bag but it would of been a little more expensive to send. I hope they get that it's a Trick or Treat bag.
Can't wait to see the other blocks are they on their way?

Unknown said...

Yes Shannon the blocks are on their way... they are very cute I know you will love them.. I was very excited when I saw all of them together...
Thank you so much.. I will be watching for the instructions for your treat bags.. Thank you :)

Robin said...

Loved my blocks. everyone did great. Thanks for organizing it. Robin