Friday, November 19, 2010

I need help :)

Hello ladies.. I was talking with Nadine this morning and we were talking about what to do for swaps next year. I know many of you are thinking ... I am so behind on my Holiday swaps .. how in the heck can I think about up coming swaps next year???? I have to tell you for a swap Mommie its never too early to think about swaps. I want to keep trying to find fun and interesting things for my ladies to make. If you come across and idea that is new and might be fun to make. Please comment or send a link about it. I have a few ideas in my head and Ms Nadine has a few .. so we will see what the new year brings... your ideas or suggestions are always welcome.


K-Swizzie said...

those cup cozie things, to wrap around you're coffee cup when it's hot!

Anonymous said...

kleenex holders, mini quilts, yo-yos, christmas decorations

Crazy Amy said...

oh the cup cozie sounds good so do yo-yos... :D what about something around the solstice?