Monday, September 27, 2010

Ice Cream Sunday Brownies.. Picky Palate

Wow I don't know about you but these look to die for.. run over to the Picky Palate to check out these yummy looking brownies... Hey Ms Nadine when you come visit... we will most certainly have to make these.. they use two of my favorite ingredients... Brownies and Ice Cream :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Total Surprise!!!

Ladies.. I keep telling you how wonderful my bloggers are.. I am going to share a story with you about something that happened to me today.... It really truly is a miracle.. the thing that happened today.... I will tell you there are wonderful women out there, extraordinary women out there.. good, kind, loving and giving women out there.. and then no matter how you word it... there really are Angels among us!!! Your wondering to yourself why am I saying all of this... OK read for yourself :)
I just happened to check My Etsy Account today and found this:

Hi- I'm going out on a limb here, but would you be M____ Mc______? I have come into the possession of some kind of quilt blocks that were mailed from Canada to a wrong address, then given to me. I googled the name M____ Mc_____ and it was somehow linked to Aunt Pitty Pat. Could this be you? If so, I would be happy to get these to their right full owner. Please reply. Thank you, S_____ P

Now ladies.. this is amazing!!! This total stranger going out of her way to try and find me!!! This really is one of those angels we all talk about :) Ms S. P. is one in a Trillion.. but I am so thankful she is my one in a trillion.. and also she is an Angel to my person who shipped those blocks... I have to tell you I am just truly amazed.... Thank you Thank you a Million times over Dear Heart!! Ms S. P. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House Keeping Matters.....

APP the Bag Lady... I am so behind!!!

Hello Sweet Swappers.. just reminders .. we are in the middle of a lot of swaps.. and it would help the APP out if you let me know when you send and receive your swaps. I have a lot to keep track at this moment.. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I have really enjoyed the swaps this season.. I have been so creative and have had some new block challenges and other health challenges to work through in my life also. I hope that I am on the road to better health and things will start to become APP's normal soon. Its been a long year for me as far as my health. I have continued to try and play on the blog and hold my swaps and sew. I know that I am running a tad bit behind on everything in my life right now... I do have you on a list and I am working as quickly as I can :)
I have the following items remaining to do.....
Send out all completed swaps:
Little Dirt Lane -Annie SENT
Patch Work Posse- Butterfly Blocks Done
Country Pleasure Apron Swap... SENT
Maria B.. Canada .. Annie.. working on it
Halloween Block Swap.. Done
Three Halloweens totes needed... Done ;)
Siggies.. Need to send out 3 blocks SENT... Hope to do that yet today :)
Working on Families Quilts
Working on Designs for the Christmas Block Swaps.. I have my choice of themes made now :)
Some where along the line.. I think that I signed up for a Stuffie swap also.. ????
Working on 3 Surprise Gifts .. I hope these are done in the next two weeks ;)
I need to make one strippy zipper pouch.
Working on APP's Halloween Annie and Sisters Red White and Blue Annie.. also have the parts ready for App's Christmas Annie :)
I also owe out a Give Away Package... SENT.. I am so behind on that.. I am so sorry Jenn.. I thought I sent it out already.. found the stuff yesterday when I was looking for other material ... UGH Bad APP....
I also have received Blocks and siggys.. I need to send out conformation emails on those too... Sorry.... Like I said I hope to do better with all this really soon.. Pt and Dr apts are slowing down now :) Yeah!!!! Now all I have to do is stop my addiction to FB :)
Ok I have and an appointment with the Dr in an hour so I better Git... just wanted to catch everyone up on my slow status... I have things written down.. but just not doing what I should sorry!!!
So you see I have been very very busy and I am sorry I have been slacking.. as far as emails and blog postings ;)
I know you have faith in me... I will try and do better ;)
Hugs.. and thanks for all the fun we are having this early Fall Season!!!

I might have missed putting one in the book :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My interview.. Repost from Patch Work Posse :0)

Interview with Aunt Pitty Pat

Since we don't have any new designer– there are more coming though!!! don't you worry….. I thought I'd share an interview with Aunt Pitty Pat. She is in charge of the wonderful siggy swap {thank you!} and totally talented when it comes to sewing and stuff.


So how did you get your crafty start? A neighbor next door to my parents use to make these really fun shaped animals and people using craft foam. She also made these really fun Easter Bunnies using Clorox bottles.

How long have you been crafting? Since I was about 11 years old and that my sweet friends was many moons ago.

What are your goals or dreams in regards to your craft/sewing/business? I started out sewing pet apparel for dogs.. but I didn't have much luck on that… I then switched to selling vintage buttons and patterns. I sell a few of those here and there. I also like to sell my OOAK pincushions. My dream is to sell enough products to purchase a new fancy Quilting Machine and Frame.

What else would you like people to know about you? I love to participate and hold swaps up on my blog. I have met some very fun and interesting ladies from all over the world by blogging and holding swaps.

What or who inspires you? I get inspired each day when I visit blogs of others. The ladies that I follow on my blog have such creative minds. I look forward to getting ideas and inspirations from others.

When you are not involved in your craft/business- what can you usually be found doing? On the computer blogging, watching a movie, or playing with my many creatures.

Tell us about your current projects. Currently I am working several swaps. A Halloween Tote swap, Halloween Block swap, Christmas Block swap, 2 Annie Dolls and 3 Quilts for my family… LOL I hope I get it all done before the due dates.. Especially the Family Christmas Gifts. I think I am a person that works better on pressure ;)

How many UFO’s do you have?Lots and Lots and Lots.. too many to count really. I use to be very good about finishing a project before going on to the next.. but when you join in on block swaps and other swaps.. and there are things to do to complete the items.. sometimes its hard to get back at them in a timely manner.

How much time do you spend on your craft? I sew as often as I can… I bet I spend 20-30 hours a week or more sewing.

What's your favorite color? Different shades of Blue

Do you have a favorite Notion? My scalpel for ripping out seams.

What sewing machine do you use? I have several sewing machines. I collect toy sewing machines, I have 2 Feather Weight Machines, 1 301 Singer, 2 Baby lock Machines, 1 Baby Lock Embroidery Machine, Juki Machine for Quilting on my frame, and 2 other older Singer Machines… I guess you can say I am sewing machine poor. I love Sewing Machines.. that and Chocolate are my down falls in life!!

What music do you usually listen to when you create? No noise at all.. just the click click of the sewing machine. Sometimes I turn on the radio for the weather when it looks like its going to be storming outside.

Do you also cook? LOL yes when I have to! I love to bake and make Candy. I also love to can foods.. like pickles, jams, stewed tomatos, and pickle Jalapenos.

Do you have a favorite pattern/project? I love to sew Annie Dolls and Aprons. I have no favorite patterns to speak of … all of the ones I have are very nice. If I was to choose a pattern that I like the best.. I love patterns from Brenda Greenwalt. She shares her amazing Annie Patterns with everyone.

What do you hate to do? I hate house work.. I would rather be sewing than anything else in this world. I love to create new patterns and designs to use or alter old clothing into something special.

What craft have you yet to try but haven't – and why haven't you done it yet? As far as crafting.. there is nothing out there that I am interested in trying at this time. I sort of do everything right now that interests me… other than building Bird Houses ;)

How did you come to start your business? When I purchased the Pitty Pat…(dog) I could not find clothes to put on her. So I started sewing for her.. I thought I would share my love of sewing with others that have small dogs, who wanted clothing for them.

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut or get burned out? Oh yes.. I think that happens to a lot of us that sew a lot. I am sure its that way with a lot of artisans. We all need to sit back and take a break to let our brains catch up with our thoughts ;)

And if so, what do you do to help yourself out of it? I see something that someone else has made and I get inspired all over again and there I go.. off to the sewing room.


Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself and of course for handling our little swap. You are the best!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I finally got mad today!!! And did something about it!!!

Now I have no excuses not to sew and do some house work!!!

Yes APP got mad today and she did something about it. It's been hot in my house all summer because the heat pump air-conditioner has not been working properly. Sometimes it cools and sometimes it doesn't. I have been in this house today and its hotter inside than it is outside... I am dripping wet. I have complained to my friends off and on all summer about this problem. The reason that I have not called the air company sooner is ........ I called them out last fall and told them there was a problem. They came out to look over the unit and told me there was nothing wrong and promptly charged me almost 180 dollars. Well let me tell you ... the heat pump never worked right all winter nor has it worked right all summer!!! I called and talked to the owner today... he can't send anyone out now but as soon as I get off work tomorrow there will be someone at my door step to fix it. I told Bryan that I was very unhappy about the type of money I am spending without result and the unit still not fixed. We talked about the unit and I told him if there is a switch that keeps burning out... there is something wrong and we need to find out what is causing that to happen. He finally agreed and agreed not to bill until we find out what is wrong... I hate to see how much it will cost this time....... He asked why I didn't call sooner and I was honest I told him I was mad... and considered calling someone else to fix the unit.. but if its the part that is under warranty.. why should I pay another company for a 150 dollar part that I have already paid for twice over the last 5 years!!! He said he was sorry and wished I had called sooner and not have waited and suffered through the heat!!! Well lets see if they fix it this time!! I just hate getting taken advantage of... I sort expressed that in a lot more words to Bryan... so ladies sometimes you have to make a stand!!! Rahhh Rahhh Women Rule!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I just fell in LoVe :)

Aren't these quilt blocks adorable.. I found them here: Daisy Cottage Quilts on Face Book.
Run over take a look at all the other amazing quilts that she has on her face book page. ;) I hope you like this block as much as me ;)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

EEEEE Gads!!!

I had to go to the Dr's yet again today... I have to take another round of antibiotics because the pneumonia is still there. Yack.... keep your fingers crossed this round will take care of the problem/ I have already had two rounds prior :)
Now its double Yack!!! After I got out of the Dr's office I call the big Daddy O and invited him to lunch. We went to one of my favorite places. It's a little fresh fish market that serves up yummy fried fish and chips for lunch... so very tasty... well any way the double yack is........ hold on to your seats~~~~ Big Daddy O says to me.. its been a long time since I visited your blog.... Oh my goodness none of my family ever visits my blog.... do you recall what I just posted up here!!!! I was telling all about the gifts I am making Big Daddy O and everyone else!!! Hopefully he missed that blog post~~~ I have my fingers crossed that is what happened.. because he was saying something about the AuntPittyPats Porch restaurant... which would not have blown the surprise!!! Darn it anyway~~~~ Just when you think it's safe to go back into the water~~~~

Monday, September 6, 2010

APP's Stitches in Time ;)

Hello Bloggie friends.. APP has been sort of quiet on the blog posts lately. I think the APP has bit off more than she can possibly chew before Christmas. Your asking what does that mean. Well.... I have several swaps that I am in. Three Annie Swaps (started), Butterfly Siggy Swap (done), 3 Tote Bag Swaps (two completed) , A Halloween Apron Swap (not assigned yet), Both of my Holiday Block Swaps (started pieces cut out). Then there are my own projects several of them are in various stages of completion. Which is a good thing. I work on them when I have a free moment sitting and waiting to go in and see the doctors. While waiting on getting the little truck fixed.. all of you know where to find that extra little tad bit of time when you need it the most for some of your projects. I have the things I am working on in different stages of completion.. but if you have 20 free mins.. you can get a lot of applique pieces cut while waiting :) Or you can get a lot of stitching done while waiting. Anything you do puts you that much farther ahead ;)

I have been working hard on my own projects... I started three quilts, drawing, hand stitching and so on. I started these three quilts in July. One Quilt is an Annie Quilt ... I am making it for the Step Monster, and I am making two Hearse Quilts. One is for Big Daddy O and the other one is for Bubba. I started making Step Monster's Quilt... Then I thought hey I need to make the guys a quilt too... So that sent me off in another direction completely.
I have almost completed my12 little Annie Blocks. I knew they would work up fast so I went to work on my two hard projects. I wanted to insure I had enough time to get them done for Christmas. I have saved the last 3-4 Annie blocks for fun after my hard work on the other two quilts are completed.
I need your help :) I am trying to find some fun Annie Print material for this little quilt that will find a new home at Christmas. If I can't find Annie Material.. I think paper doll material would be a good choice also! I loved the Butterfly block so much that I recently made for a siggy swap.. I think I will use that block as the foundation blocks for this adorable Annie quilt. So ladies if you see fun Annie Material.. pass the link on to me please ;)
Here are my hand stitched blocks :)
Sorry the photos are so bad.. was in a hurry to snap them!!

What else has kept me busy??? I have been working on hand stitched quilt blocks for Big Daddy O and Bubba's Quilt. A lot of you know that they love to collect hearse cars. Yes they are the true real hearses that have been used in the professional car services. Taking individuals to their final resting place. A lot of people ask why do they collect such morbid things?? Well I don't know for sure.. but why do I collect vintage toy sewing machines.. one can never really answer that question sometimes. Why???
I have almost completed one set of 12 hand stitched blocks... these blocks are very fun to make. They have been a true challenge for me...... Why?? I had to search for the vehicles and draw my own stitching patterns from photos. I spent several days and hours surfing the web looking for just the right photograph to simulate. I think they have turned out awesome. I have shown them to several people. I ask them what do you see... all of them say a Hearse :) Yeah that is exactly the answer that I wanted. So my ideas are coming together nicely.

The following is the material that I am going to use for sashing, binding and backs of the Hearse quilts. I might throw in some random Skull material just to break things up a tad... I hope the guys like their gifts that I am making them :) Ps the Blk hearse material is getting very hard to find now!! If your wanting some.. lots of places are sold out now!!!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the projects that I have been working on. The swaps that I am in and the other projects at hand are keeping me away from the computer... If your like me .. you get an idea in your head and you run with it.. you can't stop until its done. So that my friends is why I haven't been on the computer much. Research, ordering fabric, making my own patterns, looking for the perfect blocks and so on!!
Oh I also forgot about my 3 other secret secret projects.. can't tell,,,, sorry!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful Holiday today :)