Friday, March 18, 2011

I am so excited... I have finished up my Easter Mug Rugs... all seven of them. I hope my swap partners love them! I had such a great time creating, picking fabrics, and stitching them together.
I spent a few hours this week working on the Accessory swap too. This accessory swap has been a bit tough on me.. I am not so good in the country color range... I am a more bright bold and up in your face colors sort of a gal.. Although making this sewing machine cover might have change my views on the country color scheme ;) The colors that I have chosen seem to be a real eye catcher. These colors just want to make a person smile when you see them ;)
I am over half done with the sewing machine cover appliques.. I thought it would be the toughest part of the swap so I am knocking that out first. I still have some of the little stitching on it to do and add the embellishments.
My partner is CJ and we agreed to make each other the same machine cover design. We agreed on the one pictured above. She would make mine in bright colors and I would make hers in country colors... It will be so much fun to see what each other came up with :)
I have to admit my problem on this cover has been the crazy patch and the circular blocks... I am doing OK.. nothing to write home about. I have never made crazy patches or the circular blocks before, not to mention some of the blocks are so small. Big fat fingers don't want to bend properly to hold them down without moving them out of position. I did figured out that if I would paper piece the circular one.. it worked out so much better than trying to cut the fabrics to size.
Other than that.. I hope to pack up Mug Rugs and get them shipped off tomorrow ;) So If your my partner.. start watching for the postal carrier to come to your door!


Jody said...

You are so brave to tackle machine appliqueing of small pieces! When do we get a peek?!?

Val said...

I am also heading to the post office right now with my Mug rug gift for the swap. I had a ball joining you all. Thank you for letting me participate!

Sherry said...

Your sewing machine cover is fantastic - a real work of art! What an absolute pleasure and feast for the eyes that will be for your lucky swap partner.

Laura said...

Can't wait to see my Mug Rug:) I know it will be Perfect!!

Thank you for letting me join All of your Fun swaps!!

CJ said...

Can't wait to see your Easter MugRugs!! I posted mine on my blog :)
Sorry, you are not enjoying working on the machine cover :( Yes, I'm making the same pattern, but I plan to "tweak" it a bit :) I, of course, chose the easy parts first ~ mat and pincushion/thread catcher, so I'll be letting you know when I start the cover how it's going!! lol!! :)

Unknown said...

OH no CJ you got the wrong impression. I am having fun working on your Sewing Machine cover.. I am just not use to using your colors! It's a great learning experience for me!! I am really liking how the cover is coming along. :) I think it's turning out rather well ;)I know it will be more fun when it comes time to make the mat and the other accessories ;)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

I also posted about what I sent for the mug rug sure was a nice way to get ready for spring! Thanks again for organizing it!