Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jump-start your Quilting

Hello ladies.. I am so excited. I have been chosen to be a part of a blog tour that reviews a book called Jump-Start your Quilting. All projects in this book use pre-cut fabrics. I am pleased to report that all projects in this book are awesome and look very fun to make. Stick around my blogging friends let me tell you some about Jump-Start your Quilting.

Excerpt to the book:

Quilters today say that the biggest problem they have is finding the time to quilt. Yes, it does take a certain amount of time to stitch a quilt, but we've found a way to help you with your time crunch. If you use pre-cut fabric packs to make a quilt or quilted project, you will save part of the time you usually spend cutting fabric, and you will save part of the time you usually spend selecting fabric since the packs usually feature one coordinated fabric line.

Of course, with the time saved you will want to make even more quilts, and we have a book full of projects for you to make. If you love classic quilts, there are instructions for making seven quilt designs that are quicker than ever with pre-cuts. If you want to use your time to make gifts for the family, friends, and even the dog, you'll find eight easy-with-pre-cut fabric gift designs.
Pull out all the stops and enjoy those special occasions of the year even more with designs stitched quickly from pre-cut fabrics. You'll be able to complete your projects on time, so you can start celebrating early, and your home will look better than ever!.

If you only like to make quilts, you can now make more of them in the same amount of time by using pre-cut fabric packs. These designs may be easy and you can stitch them together quickly, but notice also how beautiful they are These are quilt patterns that you will want to make over and over again.
There's no time to waste, Buy those fabric packs and start quilting now.
Jeanne Stauffer

My project I am to review is provided by Clotilde.

My project on page 88 is named:Climbing Vines and Squares.

This quilt is rated as a beginner project. The project provides a very nice sized
57 ½ X 57 ½ inch quilt.
The instructions are simple to read and understand and are appropriate for beginner to advanced quilters. I love this book.. it also provides the block sizes, just in case you decide not to use pre-cuts. Although the reason for this lovely book, provides an easier and faster way to make awesome quilts in a shorter amount of time using pre-cut fabrics.I know I work full time and would like to complete more projects faster. This wonderful full color book provides some amazingly fun ideas.
The book provides color diagrams to show you how to place your quilt blocks, the appliques and quilting lines.
Full sized applique patterns are provided with my project. Just simply photocopy and cut out. Easy Peasy :) The quilting stitches used on this quilt are super - they really set off the quilt blocks. The stitches look to be very easy for the beginner quilter. You don't have to have a big fancy quilting machine to get great results with this quilt. There are minimal quilting stitches with a huge impact.

I have to tell you this is an A+ rated Quilt book from me. There are several wonderful projects - let me tell you about some of them.
Dog Jacket
Christmas Stocking
Other fantastic Quilts
Wall Quilt
Gift Wraps

Has anything piqued your attention? This book certainly did mine.
If you're interested in purchasing this fantastic book run over HERE to order it.
I know you will not be disappointed you purchased it.
Thank you so much Clotilde for giving me the opportunity to review your wonderful fun book.

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Val said...

How fun!!

Unknown said...

What fun, and your perfect for this review! A quilted apron, really? :)

CJ said...

Sounds wonderful!! You got me interested. Now I have to go check out your links! :)
Thanks for doing this review.

Lee Ann L. said...

I found you through a link at another blog talking about this tour. Sounds great!

Linda said...

Very nice review! Hasn't it been fun to participate in one of these. This was my first and I'm really enjoying it.


Quiltingranny said...

Isn't it wonderful to be chosen?

JudyCinNC said...

Hi APP - what a very nice review you did for the new book. I have loved going to the blogs to see the other reviews. This book has everything. Judy C www.shadetreequilting.com

Jennifer said...

APP, I have a FB question for you. Which game were you playing when you got the virus? Yesterday I was playing Bubble Speed. One of the times I hit start my whole computer locked up with a "Windows Vista" virus protaction scam. My husband spent all evening getting it off the computer.

Quiltingranny said...

APP...where can I get a copy? I want the hand quilting techniques you talk of!

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone that has dropped by and left a comment... I am having so much fun with this blog tour.. If you haven't visited the other blogs please take a moment and do so ;) I am sure they would love to hear from you :)
Hugs my sweet blog friends!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Thanks for the review

Deb said...

I've enjoyed all the blogs posting about the book. Thanks for previewing it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Pitty Pat's,

I have enjoyed reading your review and probably spent about three hours looking over your site. You have inspired to do a few pet related projects with some fabric I have had sitting around for a while. It was such a pleasure to see that you incorporated pitty into everything.

Peggy Ann

Anonymous said...

Loved your review...and you've gotten me interested in saving up for another book! The placemats and gift wraps are calling to me!
Jacque in SC

Quiltingranny said...

APP: I am giving away a Moda Charm Pack: http://quiltingranny.blogspot.com/2011/03/moda-charm-pack-giveaway.html

Aunt Mag's Quilty Adventures said...

Great review! Thnanks!