Friday, August 26, 2011

Crafty Goodness... How do you want your Room??

I have been working in my Dinning-room.. I am turning it into my sewing room.. I know I know.. I just did that with the upstairs a couple of years ago. I have found I am not so creative up there. It's not as comfortable as being down stairs. The number one draw back of upstairs is you can not hear the door bell when it rings. I want to know when my swap packages get here.. That way I don't have to make a special trip to the PO to pick them up. The number two reason is.. its either too hot or too cold up there. I like to be comfortable when I sew :)
I have been looking at fun and creative ways to store things in the sewing room .. I have found some fun stuff I thought I would share with you :)

This fun idea was found at My Blessed Life.. 10 Craft Room Organizational Tips.

I have always liked this storage idea.. You can find it at SparkBark This would be perfect for someone like me with tons and tons of pretty buttons :)
*** I am so excited Big Daddy O said we would build 
one of these thread racks 
when the weather cools down!!!
Yeah I am so excited!!! He's such a nice Daddy***

 Here is a very clever idea.. I can use this one for sure.. one can never find the perfect place to put their threads and bobbins .. and I think I just found my solution here on The Creative Homemaker.

Here is another great idea in how to store some of those buttons and bobs..
This was found at The Girl Creative. You need to run by and see how she dresses up this little spice rack ;)

Your asking yourself what in the world is this and what would APP use it for.. well my sweet friends this is a 45 rpm wire record holder.. wouldn't this make an awesome Quilting Ruler Rack? I am going to have to keep my eyes open for one of these.. there are tons and tons of styles.. I just want a fun one that is wire like this one ;)

 I am sure your thinking to yourself has APP gone mad .. this is a photo of a bathroom.. well ladies. I loved this idea because you could put a towel bar above your pressing board, mat or what every you use to press. Hang your spray bottles of starch, sizing, water or Fragrance to make your fabrics smell fresh and good.

 I love this little shelf.. you can find these at garage sales and thrift shops for next to nothing.. I am also going to be keeping my eyes open for one of these ;) This photo was found at Daily Ode of Delaido 

Now when you saw this item.. I am sure you said.. Now I know APP has gone mad. It's a wire Veggie Rack.. I can see this rack filled with all those left over strip scraps.. all scooped up in one spot.

APP is always losing her scissors.. this would be a great way to keep track of them. With a Magnetic Strip.

The whole idea about this post was for you to find creative ways to make your sewing room more functional by using recycled items.. or new inexpensive items. 
Why spend lots of money setting up your sewing or crafting room when you could be spending that money on fabric or supplies..

If you have any great ideas to share... please add the link to your comments :)


JustCindy said...

Great ideas but I love the thread/bobbin holder.

NadineC said...

Well, aren't you just the crafty clever one today, APP! Love those ideas! Had to laugh at the 45 record rack...I had one of those, but I'm sure it's long gone, BUT...I still have all my 45s! My very first 45 record I bought was What The World Needs Now Is Love (Sweet Love) by Jackie DeShannon. Good times!

Barb said...

Can't wait to see your room when you have it just like you want it...great ideas you have!!

Laura said...

Love all the ideas! I want to put a little sewing spot together...but all my sewing/craft stuff is still packed:(

If it would cool off..I might be able to dig stuff out of the shed!

Can't wait to see your finished room!!