Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School in Ta Town

My niece started her first day of school at her new Magnet school. She was interviewed and selected to go to the Art Magnet School in our area this year. What is one of the staples for an ART School???? Of course an ART BAG. She had to have a new art bag to take... and guess who was asked to make one for her??? If you guessed The Pitty your wrong.. it was Auntie M :) 

Little Missy S loves the Beatles.. 
I incorporated some Yellow Submarine fabric in to her bag.... 
She loved loved loved it....
By the way Ms Nadine thank you for sharing the Beatles fabrics with me!!!
You made one little girl very happy!!

Look at this Happy Grin on her face!!! 
Missy S sent me a note via FB and told me she would carry it to school everyday! 
I am so happy she loved it!!
My sister was amazed.. she knows that I made it up as I sewed it together ;)
This was my second try at an art bag.. they keep getting better and better.. 
Maybe one day I will make one that is perfect!!

All art work photos are by my Niece Missy S...... Aren't they fun?
Please don't copy her art work..


JustCindy said...

Very cute bag! Your niece is very talented. I love the drawing of the child on the Dad's back. said...

Your niece is a lucky girl to have such a sweet aunt. She's talented too!