Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am so excited!!!

I want to take a moment and say a big THANK YOU to all of you that have answered my email and have either joined in on the fun or have declined. I am very surprised ....that the swap has slid by a lot of my regular Block swapping ladies without their notice. I am so happy I sent out an invitation email to my prior participants :) If the ladies decided they did not want to join in on the fun... I asked for feed back and I have received some very good suggestions. I hope to use them during the next swap season!
I know I have not given any of you that have signed up for the swap my address yet.. once we get the groups filled, I will send out a reminder of the rules and my email address.. thank you for waiting on that :)
I hope everyone is having a great weekend.. don't forget to drop by JoAnn's its the Columbus day Sale Weekend.. I picked up 16 yards of warm and white... used my 50% off coupon and my Birthday Gift card from my family...Yeah for great sales.. also Simplicity Patterns are on sale for 99cents..
I was very disappointed.. I wanted a certain pattern and it was sold out.. Oh well maybe next time..


Missy Shay said...

I would love to join in, but I'm taking my first quilting class this week. Maybe I will be able to join next time!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

So glad to hear your swap is filling up! Can't wait to see all the fun blocks everyone creates!


Val said...

One day I plan to join in on a swap!!! That is a goal of mine!!!