Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Winter Wonderland

I promised that once we got the Christmas block swap underway.. that I would announce the Next Swap. I know your very excited to hear what I have in store.... :) I tossed several things around in my head, like a table runner.. but there is a swap going on right now for that. I thought about another Crumb Catcher Mug Rug swap.. but I think I am sort of tired of those!! I even thought about us doing a Christmas Annie Doll swap.. but decided to for go that idea also... Your saying to your self is she doing an Apron swap? No not an apron swap :) I can tell you this swap will be a lot of fun!!! Ok I have stalled long enough!!!

Yes you will be making your partner an awesome handcrafted stocking.

 This adorable Stocking can be found at RoxyCreations on Etsy.. I love this girls work .. Her stockings are so much fun!!! If you can't sew and want to play in this swap.. your more than welcome to purchase a handcrafted stocking ;)  There are a number of fun stockings for sale on Etsy.. (Support Handmade)

Requirements for the SWAP:
You will be making one Handmade stocking at least 16 inches in length and approx 7 inches across. 
(Please line your stockings) (Name on stocking Optional)

Once your stocking is completed it's time to stuff your stocking :)
Please include the following two items, the rest of the stocking stuffers are your choice.
It wouldn't be Christmas without these two items ;)
You must include:
One store purchased or one handcrafted Christmas Ornie. Your choice.
Some sweet sugary goodness. (Everyone knows the APP loves her some Chocolate)

Please be generous and fill up your stocking. 
It is Christmas ;)  
Please wrap your extras with tissue ;)
The stuffers don't need to be expensive...
Tea wallet
Zipper Bag
Shoop Shoop Bag
Cup Cozy
Pin Keep
Cookie Cutter
Chap Stick
Nail Clipper
Holiday Broach
Small tube Hand Lotion (please place in sealed zip bag)
Note Pad
Sewing items
Ink Pen
Book Mark
Color Pencils
Emery Board
Key Chain
Cup cake papers
Cup cake picks
Hand crafted recipe cards
Christmas CD Mix you make

Sign ups start Today and sign ups end Nov 11th
Once you sign up and get a return email from me.. please start your stocking..
I will try to get partners assigned 2 days after swap closes.
Your swap MUST be completed 
and mail by Dec 16th,
We want your partner to enjoy your lovely handmade stocking for the Christmas Holiday.

Please send the swap Mommie the following to:

Phone number (swap mommies eyes only)
International... No or Yes

Ladies PLEASE if you can not complete this swap on time.. DO NOT sign up!!
I don't want any disappointed partners.. it's Christmas... let's put a smile on each others face... 
Sorry No Angel on this swap! 
There will not be enough time to make up the swap and get them out before the Holiday.

Swap Button to come soon... keep watching ;)

*A side note*
Thank you ladies for getting your 
Halloween Tote Mug Rug Swaps
out on time for your partners to enjoy ;)


grandmarockton said...

can't WAIT!

Mary Lea said...

I will be in one this fun FOR SURE!! (even though I didn't get my Hallowe'en quilt done yet!!)

Regena said...

okay, so I should make the stocking before I know anything about my partner? I can't do that, I have to blog stalk and get it all just right!