Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's the Beginning ;)

Today.. the work on the Oleo Ranch (one of the cheaper spreads) begins...
the new front door is to be installed today!!! 
I can hardly wait to see it finished.
The door had to be gel stained and then sealed before it could be installed. 
I have not seen it since the first coat of stain.
It was beautiful then and I am sure it will be more beautiful now. 
Just putting in the front door will make a huge difference in the old farm house. 
But it will really pop when the new siding and trim gets on!!!
I am so excited.. yes I will try and take photos as the work progresses!
I was sort of pleased with myself ... my dad's friend De-way a long time friend.  
I do mean a long time friend... over 50 years.
Has a handy man that is doing the work for me. 
Inc has been De-way's handyman for years and he recommended him to me.
I am so excited to find a handyman that can help me out around here for a reasonable wage.
We have several projects line up for him to work on over the next year ;)
De-way called Daddy O and chatted with him a few days ago. 
He told Daddy O he had seen my door, and said how nice and pretty it is.
I have not gotten excited about the whole thing until I woke up today... the new begins!
I picked out a very expensive door with a Stain Glass Panel... It really is pretty .. you will see soon :)
I chose to put an expensive door in the house because the old one is not level and has a huge gap in it.. 
I know that is where a lot of my AC and heating goes. 
The Daddy O was very excited for me! That I am getting the improvements.
Improvements are always good ;)


NadineC said...

How exciting for you, APP! Even though the Pitty will have to be in the playpen today while the door is off :-( It would be MUCH more fun if I was there and we could all three of us go go quilt store hopping today and take her with, and then stop for Sonic treats :-) Can't wait to see the new door!

Haha my Word Verification is "plaze." As PLAZE is gonna look fabulous with the new door!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh how exciting! I do love a good renovation project! Do take pictures so I can oooh and aaah along with you!


Unknown said...

Ha Ha Nadine I hope all the improvements are done by the time you get to come visit again. The we will go shop hopping and get yummy treats and ice for me the Sonic ;)
Hugs Pitty and APP

Cathy said...

Girl you better keep us posted with LOTS of pictures. I love watching a redo. Nadine when are you going to make the journey?