Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's started...

  Out with the old in with the new ;)

It has been beautiful here in Ta Town just the perfect weather to install my new front door. 
We had to do some rebuilding of the opening .. but I think it will all work out nicely. 

Removal of the old front door. Gezeee sort of a mess. 
Oh well that is why we have brooms and shop vac's.

New door.. still needs a bit of frame work. The opening was about 8-10 inches to large. 
We had to rebuild the framing area. 
This is a problem you run into sometimes when you have an old house with 10-12 foot ceilings. 
The door opening is way to large, for the new modern doors.  
Unless you special order.. and that is very expensive.
This door is going to look awesome with new siding and trim attached to it.
Since this photo new brushed brass door handles have been installed.

I have to tell a funny story The Pitty is having a tad bit of trouble adjusting to the new front door.
She sat all night the first night and just stared at it. She could see that it was different, but could not figure out why. She could see the cars driving down the street and the Lights from the city across the fields.
She stayed up all night Watch Dog-ing just so The Mommie could be safe and sleep. 
Only thing was..... she kept barking at all the new sights and kept The Mommie wide awake. 
Such a sweet protective little girl ;)


Look who's here!!!
All up set with The Mommie that she has to stay in her play pen.
For her safety and my piece of mind she had to go into the safe place for babies.
 I didn't want The Pitty running in and out of the house freely.
 There are monsters outside of that doorway, that the Pitty just doesn't understand.
Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Combines, Dogs, Cats, Hawks, Eagles, Horses and other Predators OH MY!!!


NadineC said...

The new door looks soooo lovely! Sorry Pitty kept you awake, but like you said, she is just protecting her Mommie :-)

Haha, my Word Verification is "napet" so you can just "napet" today and catch up on your sleep ;-)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Beautiful! It will be gorgeous with new siding and trim too! Poor Pitty! Change is hard for everyone, even dogs!

Keep those pictures coming!


Barb said...

Love your new door...funny story....

Jindi's Cottage said...

Wow what a difference...funny Pitty...all those sights shining in the door...

Unknown said...

Your new door is gorgeous! I love Pitty; she is doing exactly what she is supposed to do - protect the Mommy! She is so so so very cute!