Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If I was younger

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If I were younger.. I would be so into this style.
But alas I am an old heavy gal and I don't think this would look too hot on me..
But I can dream! I can still love the style :)
Your asking what is this style... well read on.....
This ladies is Steam Punk.
Steam Punk (cyberpunk) adapts the style of the 19th century. It's a cross between Victorian era Britain and science fiction or fantasy. The styles are based on Victorian fashion, culture, and architectural style and art. Steampunk was the coined phrase given to this style of genre, which originated in the late 
1980's by author K. W. Jeter.
There are two types of Steampunk: 
Historical Steampunk and Fantasy Steampunk.  
Historical Steampunk tends to be more "science fictional": presenting and alternate history, 
presenting real locales and persons
from history with different technology. 
Fantasy Steampunk, on the other hand, tends to present Steampunk in a complete
imaginary fantasy realm. Often populated by legendary creatures coexisting in
a Steam-era or anachronistic technologies.
Although originally conceived as being Victorian-era science fiction only, the term has become common use
for many related forms of speculative fiction set in the pre-electric age era.
Steampunk was influenced by, and often adopts the style of the 19th century scientific romances 
Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Mark Twain and Mary Shelly.
One of the earliest mainstream manifestations of Steampunk was the original CBS television series
The Wild wild west. (1965-1969).
Steampunk is usually depicted in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, prior to a lot of electricity. Since the 1990's the Steampunk label has expanded to include the fantasy world that rely heavily on steam or spring powered technology.
The gnomes and goblin in world of Warcraft also have technological societies
that can be described as Steampunk. 
John Clute and John Grant have introduced the category "gaslight romance" Steampunk stories
are most commonly set in the romanticized, smoky , 19th century London.
Example: the early years of
Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Jack the Ripper, Sherlock Holmes.
Steamgoth is a dark side of Steampunk.
Another setting is Western Steampunk, which overlaps with both Weird West and Science fiction West.
Several current utilitarian objects are used or modified to be used in
Steampunk style. 
Polished brass, iron, wood, and leather, computer keyboards, 
and electric guitars as long as these items are consistent with the Victorian era.
Will Steampunk break into the mainstream and have staying power? 
The Clockwork Century blogglist believes it will..
Steampunk comes from a philosophy of salvage and customization. 
Secondly Steampunk is participatory , and yet is simultaneously rebels and its inconclusiveness
The BBC series Doctor Who also incorporates Steampunk elements, 
reference the Doctor's time machine.
Because of the popularity of Steampunk with people in the 
Goth , Punk and Rivet cultures, there is a growing 
movement toward establishing Steampunk as a culture or alternate lifestyle.
Steampunk fashion has no guide lines, but tends to synthesize modern styles 
influenced by the Victoria era. 
Examples: Corsets, petticoats, and bustle, suits and vests,
coats and spats, boots, large sole, buckles, straps, 
or military-inspired garments. 
Items often used are timepieces, parasols, 
flying/driving goggles, and ray guns.
Several fashion styles have spun off of the Steampunk ideals...
Lolita fashion in Japan to the aristocrat
styles, and goth.
Steampunk music is less defined and tends to apply to any modern musicians 
whose music evokes a feeling of the
Victorian era or Steampunk.
A slogan for Steampunk:
What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.

 This image from AmandaDevial.

Image taken from BohoCircus


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

I hear you on the old and heavy part. I have the same trouble. No all the alterative fashion is for us. Mores the pitty.

But I still do dress up. Keeping in mind my age and girth.

At home I dress for my romantic Gothy self.

Get yourself some steampunk jewelry and enjoy.

Hugs, Euphoria

Unknown said...

Ahwww - you'll always be "hot" to us Auntie...
And I know what you mean about the steampunk stuff - I love it too. If you enjoy embroidery check out Urban Threads, it's a great site with both hand and machine embroidery with a lot of steampunk designs.

Mary Lea said...

Very interesting! I saw lots of costumes advertised this yr. as "steampunk" and wondered what was up with that!! And what the heck....if you like it...go ahead...you can custom-make yourself something to wear...that will fit you and you will look and feel fabulous!!

Purl Buttons said...

Thank you for explaining Steam Punk. I wish I had the nerve to dress Steam Punk. In the eighties I wanted to go goth but I had a job as a public school teacher in a small-minded community and besides, I was married and had children. Now I am a retiree in an even LESS worldly place and alas, architecturally, my body doesn't fit the type anymore. Maybe I can work the flavor into some quilts...

Unknown said...

I love it too.....its fun and maybe a little naughty~