Friday, November 11, 2011

This is the perfect day to post this!!

Hello ladies.. if you have followed my blog from it's beginning.. You always know that I try to encourage my readers to help our fellow man throughout the year, especially during the Holiday Season.
I know this is the time of year that we all say hey........
I should help at the Food Bank or I should get extra ones to put in the red kettle.
I need to make sure I get those items on the list for the drive at work.
I have found the most perfect loving Pay it Forward thing to do this year...

Battalion Buddies: 
Supporting the children of deploying troops.

There are a lot of Agencies that use Buddie Bears and toys 
to help the small children that are going through a time of crisis.
And now I have found
Operation Gratitude

The following excerpt from Operation Gratitude Blog.
Having already shipped more than 600,000 care packages to service men and women deployed in combat zones, Operation Gratitude is pleased to announce the launch of “Battalion Buddies” — a new program designed to serve and encourage the young children of deploying troops.
In cooperation with Family Readiness Officers and battalion leaders nationwide, Operation Gratitude will begin providing special stuffed toys – known as Battalion Buddies – to the sons and daughters of U.S. military personnel as their units prepare to deploy.
“Our hope is these gifts will offer some degree of comfort to children while their moms and dads are far away, serving their country,” explained Operation Gratitude founder, Carolyn Blashek.  “We want the children to know that they too have caring friends across the country who are aware of their sacrifices and send their appreciation.”

Those wishing to donate brand-new stuffed toys (ready-made or hand-made) to be used as Battalion Buddies may send them to the following address: 
Operation Gratitude
17330 Victory Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Attn: Battalion Buddies Program 

Financial donations are welcome and may be made online here:
Donate to Battalion Buddies 
or by check made payable and addressed to:
Operation Gratitude
16444 Refugio Road
Encino, CA 91436

I can hear you saying to yourself.. our troops are coming home.. 
Don't forget those men and women that are still stationed all around the world.
In places like Japan, Turkey, Germany and so on. 
Their children could benefit from or loving donations also.

Ms Ronda here is the perfect project for you...
A great way to give away your (lovingly) handmade Bears!


Jennifer said...

One misconception I've run into even by military on our base is that those coming home are only the ones in Iraq. Those deployed in other countries in the sandbox will not be coming home for Christmas. My husband is in the sandbox right now, but not Iraq. He will be coming home after the holidays.

BTW, this is an awesome idea. There are a lot of organizations out there who give different kinds of "daddy dolls" to kids of deployed service members and they are all needed. It's a challenge to get across to a four year old her daddy will be gone for a while, but he will be back (Lord willing). The little reminders help get her through the day.

124 days down only a couple more months to go. =)

K-Swizzie said...

I wish we had something like this in canada!