Sunday, December 20, 2009

Annie's Holiday Day Out

Before this story begins.. I want to thank everyone for all of their wonderful comments.. for all my Holiday posts.. LOL I have been so busy I have forgotten who I have thanked and whom I haven't.. So here is a public Announcement..
" Thank you everyone for your wonderful fun comments..
and also sharing your holiday gifts of love with each of us"

I had to be gone from home a lot of hours yesterday.. first I had to work and then go to the families annual Christmas dinner and party :) I know the Pitty didn't get to go.. poor poor girl :( It's Step Monsters Family Holiday gathering for the entire family. So I didn't want to push my luck with my immediate family taking her to the gathering.... I have to tell you right off ... I love my step mom!!!!! I have called her step monster for years.. I was very very young when she came into my life.. and as any young child.. I had a chip on my shoulder having to behave more ;) She has taught me so many wonderful things in my life and I am very thankful for her presence in it :) I love her to pieces and I would be so heart broken if she wasn't able to remain a very big part in my life. I don't know what I would do without her.. she has been my rock on my dads side of the family.. There are only 4 of us in Dad's family. Dad, Step Monster, Bubba and Me... so you see she is a very important figure in my life. She is a person that I always strive to be. I can not think of any person that can beat her in grace, manners, and genuine love. She has other talents but that list is too long for this post right now ;).. I am most thankful for her gentle hand and guidance ;) She has tried to teach me to be a better human each day :)
I love you my Sweet Step Monster ;)

Now on with the story :)

Annie asked if she could go to work with me today and do that Mother... daughter at work thing today. I told her yes she could come along and then she could go to the Christmas party with me tonight. I had to keep looking around for Annie today at work. She was where I could see her one minute and the next she was gone. I kept finding her in the strangest places.. look here she is in the Patrol Station Christmas tree ;) Now how in the world did she get there the little Imp???

I finally have her corralled and now she wants to answer the phones.. and was that a mess..she got all tangled up in the phone cords and of course once again I had to come to her rescue! Besides she kept making phone calls to 911 and hanging up... then the dispatcher kept calling wanting to know if everything was ok.. well I had to have a talk with that little lady and tell her that is not the proper use for 911. She had to sit in time out after that!!

Yeah!!!!! Work is over and here we are at the party. See Annie hiding among all the White elephant gifts. The gift exchange is always fun. :) You get to pick a folded piece of paper with a number on it when your number is called you either get to steal a prior gift or pick one off the table. The gifts can be stolen twice then it has to remain with the third person. This gift exchange game gets very lively and fun :) Annie told me she wanted me to steal a package.. so we ended up with hammers and tools for the Ranch :) In fact its the tall package right behind her ;)

APP was thirsty so we stopped by the refreshment table and APP got??? Yes that's right a Pepsi :) Can you see all of those yummy looking sweet treats.. this photo was early.. this table was loaded with treats before we ate dinner ;) I got there pretty early, others were still coming ;)

Here's Annie in the kitchen.. she wanted to help but she was afraid she would get her pretty party dress messed up when it was time to wash the dishes ;) Annie did decide to stay out of the way .. it was like a stampede in that kitchen so much activity going on...

Awe isn't this sweet .....Annie getting a Christmas hug??

Ok Ladies.... do you see this naughty girl trying to steal APP's Chocolate fudge??? She is such a bad little Imp :) See that little white round looking thing in the middle of the plate??? Well they called it Reindeer Poop. Now let me tell you it was wonderful and yummy. Its very simple to make.. let me tell you how.. but I warn you its rich!!
How to make Reindeer Poop
Take one bag of Oreos.. crunch up in food processor..
Add in a package of Cream Cheese to crunched up cookies. Roll into balls and dip into white Chocolate bark...
Easy Peasy and every one will love them.. these poops were gone fast....
Santa couldn't put his finger beside his nose as quickly as they went!!!
Of course I have to lastly mention.... I love cut out sugar cookies and Step Monsters Sister makes the best ones that I have ever eaten.. they are to die for. On the sugar cookie scale 1-100 they are 1000 :) Yes they are that good... I was a lucky girl and she sent a couple of them home with me ;) Yeah!!!
Yes ladies I was a piggy wiggy..
I ate all of those tasty goodies on my plate..
Didn't your mom teach you to always clean your plate????

LOL I bet your getting tired of Annie Stories..
Christmas will be over soon.. and it will be back to what my normal is ;)
I am having fun playing along with Awtemnymf's Annie blog challenge :)


carla said...

Very Cute!!!! Thank You

Mistea said...

Annie should be out enjoying the holidays and of course reporting back. I love those photo's of her at work and at the party - looks like she was having lots of fun. May just try making some reindeer poop - thanks for sharing.

Tulsi said...

I have two step parents and they are great. I still have a mom and dad so don't consider them step anything. Just Andre' and Evelyn. My kids consider them grandparents since they don't remember life without them. I have a very limited family size on my dad's side. Just he, Ev, my brother and I . Eve has 3 kids but I don't know them and my brother doesn't like them.

AwtemNymf said...

Your Annie posts are so darling- I chuckle and and am proud of that little girl :O)
AWwwww- she got a human hug! She loves those. Those and cookies- didn't I warn ya Annie LOVED hugs & cookies *winks*
Your so cute APP!
Luv ya!

JKW said...

NO NO, don't stop the Annie stories or the Pitty stories. I love them. It's what makes us FUN, human and Interesting :) Blessings, Janet