Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa is Dropping Packages Early ;)

Surprise Surprise there are packages under my little tree.. Thanks to several wonderful people.. I am having an awesome Christmas... My friend Nadine in Wa.. started out Mine and the Pitty's Holiday with an awesome package from Omaha Steaks. Yes.... I got steaks and Pitty got bones made with real meat :) Now all I need is that new George Forman Grill. My other one died last year. I guess you could say it got a TKO... technical knock out :) I had two really good looking rib eyes to cook.. my mouth was just watering thinking about those, and how yummy they would taste. I pan fried them and they were awful! I have been putting off purchasing a Forman because they have really went up in price.
Even the small ones are around 50 dollars now... OUCH!!!
I can really tell its getting close to Christmas.. You ask why???? Well because......
I started receiving gift boxes from everywhere..
They were mostly from family ;) I received a huge crate of fruit from my Aunt in FL. I have received two gift sets of Cheese and Summer Sausages from Hickory Farms, and a crate of my favorite Grape Apple Cider from my other Aunt in CA.
I've gotten the best surprise ever....
I received wrapped packages in the mail......
I have awesome Packages to open on Christmas Day!!!
You heard me right... I will wait until Christmas Day, with no peeking either!
I know it might be hard for some, to keep their little hands off the packages... but I don't touch until Christmas Day. Heck that's only 4 days away :)
LOL :O}}
I don't think I have the heart of the Grinch anymore.
I think it has swelled up with so much love that has been shared :)
I have to explain the photo to all of you :)
The little dark blue package with Angels is a fabric gift bag made by Nadine from Tx. She has included several packages of Hot Cocoa :) I just love Cocoa.. yummy ;) Nadine is the sweet lady that I did the Christmas tote bag trade with off of Pins and Needles.
The fun blue penguin packages are for Me and the Pitty and they are from one of our great blogging friends.. Janet from FL. Both ladies have indicated that I am a giving, sharing and caring person.. LOL do I have them snowed :) I am just amazed that you ladies think so much of me.. I know I Cherish all of the great friends that I have been making through my blog. Lastly I received an email from Awtemnymf to keep and eye out.. something coming from Ca :) I have to say I think I have already had my Christmas with all of these wonderful gifts from such sweet people :) Having each of you...think enough of me to send well wishes and other special gifts really really make me very humble and want to strive to do better in the up coming year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet kindness ;)
Yes it is so very very sweet to received all of these fun Packages. So my poor poor tree will not be bare Christmas day :) I am truly been blessed this year from all the awesome Blogging friends that I have made and I hope will continue to make through out the up coming years. I look forward to more Holiday fun between now and the end of this year. :) Once again.. thank you for your thoughtful gifts and thinking enough of me to call me a friend :)
I know I am really gushing and all weepy here.. but I am truly Bless..


Barb said...

I am glad that you are going to have a wonderful Christmas....and you truly are blessed.....Merry Christmas!!!

Mistea said...

I see Annie there guarding those presents - Enjoy - you deserve every one of them. And I admire you - waiting til the big day to unwrap. I can't be trusted, though I did keep one wrapped for Friday morning.

NadineC said...

And APP sent ME some of her REALLY TASTY Chex Mix! I bragged to my coworkers that it was "imported" (from Kansas, LOL!).

I just found this "groaner" online, so APP, remember to include this line when you send me some again next year (wink, wink): "Remember Santa “Chex” his list twice to see who’s been naughty or nice so be good for goodness sake! Merry Christmas!"

Rae Ann said...

I don't know what it is about receiving packages in the mail, but it is so fun!
Have a Merry Little Christmas and have fun opening all those presents!