Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just another boring Post :)

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.. Just like the ones I use to know... Fa La la la La!!!!!!
Cough Cough Cough... Grab me another cup of Nog :)
I bet a lot of you are in the same fix as me. It snowed and sleeted here in Ta Town last night. I love the snow don't get me wrong. That is how we are able to make those wonderful fun and whimsical snowmen ;) What I hate is when you just get barely enough snow to cover the ground and it makes a big mess of driving, your floors and everything else. When it snows its suppose to snow a lot ... at least 8 inches in my book. Also it has to be that moist heavy stuff that's great for building snowmen.. not that light powdery stuff that you want for snow skiing! But maybe you do want the light powdery stuff for skiing... at least here in Oz land we want heavy snow :) For our big, fat and pudgy snowmen. Where was I going with all of this rederick.. well we or at least I was all hyped up by the weathermen saying we are going to get such and so in inches of snow.... well it didn't happen .. so I am disappointed!!! That's it!!! That is what all these words were about... not enough SNOW. There has to be snow on the ground to get the Holiday Spirit at least here in Ta Town at the OLEO Ranch... ... yes its .... One of the cheaper Spreads :)

Here it is Dec 8Th and I still don't have my Christmas tree up and I can't seem to get the spirit to put the tree up again this year. Maybe its because its that I live alone thing and no one drops in for Hot Chocolate, Christmas Movies or just plain old snacks. Just call me the Grinch... because my heart is 10 times to small :(

I did spend the evening last night at a fiends house she fixed dinner and then we made Chex Mix..

Who can do the Holiday without Chex mix??? If you don't do the Chex mix..... Raise your right hand and repeat after me... I solemnly swear from here on out... at least one handful of Chex mix I will eat every Christmas Season from here to eternity... or I will be forced to walk in the cold around the Botanical Gardens during the Festival of lights and be forced to look at the 10,000 burning bags.

Well at least one of my must do things has been completed..... yes the Chex mix ;) Then next weekend Momma Bear and I are planning on going to a small town here in Oz to a candy shop that makes Christmas Ribbon candy.

That sounds be a lot of fun! I have never been there:) After returning home we are going to make my home made summer sausage.. in fact the season so far isn't all bad.. I have watched 2 Holiday movies :) Gotten my huge crate of fresh fruit from Florida from my Sweet Sweet Aunt and have eaten some Chex mix and I also did a tad of Christmas shopping :) So I guess I am doing a lot better at the Holiday Season than I thought... so maybe this Grinch's heart is only 5 times smaller ;)


Barb said...

I love Chex mix but don't make it for that simple reason...I love it. Now when you mention ribbon candy, that brings back a ton of memories......

BronnyB said...

See...the differences a few thousand miles makes.... Today is cold - unseasonally cold - Where is our Summer Sun???? brrrr Snow??? unheard of in this region and then only from July-Sept.
I love the Christmas template by the way.
(What are Chex Mix and ribbon candy?? - photos please for us uninitiated Aussies!)
Merry Christmas

Unknown said...

Chex mix link :)


Ribbon Candy Link ;)



AwtemNymf said...

it snowed a little last night here too!
I love those ribbon candies- i always thought they looked so purrty all swirled up and loopy-de-looped like that! :O)
And I know what you mean about the mess on the floors from the drizzle of snow! *lol*
ps- i have part 2 of Annie and decorating the Xmas tree on my Raggedy blog:O)


You must remember that you are not the only one who lives alone--there is a lot of us---and some of us--like me--have no close family around at holidays--I do try to plan something special for my self on the actual holiday--but then the rest of it is usually my same routine--quilting--or knitting--or maybe now blogging--And I can not believe that your heart is as small as you say--I always enjoy your blog site--so there!!!
Hugs, Di

CJ said...

I LOVE Chex Mix too! :) but I would eat it all, sooo not a good idea for me. LOL! Oh, ribbon candy!! the memories that brings back of my grandparents home at Christmastime, Grandma always had ribbon candy in her cut glass candy dish. It was flavored with anise ~ yummm!
Sounds to me like you are doing better with the holiday spirit then I am. I'm trying to get in the mood to decorate too. What's up with that?? :(
Have fun shopping and visiting!! Maybe we'll get a good snowfall?? Right now it's just icy drizzle for us too - yuk!