Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday in Ta Town

When you just seem to think you have everything caught up ...
At least when it comes to sewing..... you look around and you are needing to catch up on something.
I have posted several times that I have joined in on this International Siggy Block Swap. Well those little babies just mysteriously keep showing up at my door step and I love it. This swap has been so effortless other than making the little single blocks and shipping them out to far away places like Australia, Germany, The Netherlands and so forth. I have to admit I am now 6 blocks behind again!! LOL that is one weeks mail that has came into the Oleo Ranch. The envelopes contain these very very wonderful fun little blocks. Its like Christmas everyday when I go out to the mail box. The mail box should not be called a mail box... it should be called the Mystery box. It's always a surprise to see all of the wonderful creations that keep coming in to the Oleo Ranch. My mail man asked me one time.. whats going on that everyday that I deliver 2-6 different packages. I chatted with him a while about all the apron swaps, the doll swaps, and the block swaps that I participate in... and how I am usually the swap Mommie. This is the reason you have to work so hard delivering packages to my house. Of course after telling him all about the swaps and so on.... I had him hooked and he said his wife would like to participate in something like that. Well of course I told him my web address and told him to tell her come and join in on the fun. Sad to say she has never joined in on the fun. But the invitation was out there for her ;) I even have my local post office ladies looking forward to hearing what I am hosting in the swaps. It seems like the Pitty and I go into the local post office at least once a week to mail something out. Its sort of funny... sometimes the Pitty has to stay home because I have to go to places she can't go and the post office ladies are upset.... because they don't get to see her all dressed up so cute in her sweet little dresses.
Which brings me back around the block on the Siggy blocks... I went yesterday to find a cute stamp to use on my blocks. I looked at several fabric and craft shops. I was unable to find something fun. It just dawned on me as I am writing this post that I was almost right next door to the Scrap Book Garden. LOL I know that a scrap book joint would have tons of stamps. Ouch as APP slaps her head with her hand.. I am such an oaf sometimes.
I have received some very clever blocks..they have wonderful hand stitching, awesome appliques and cute cute stamps that have been colored in. I am hoping to find just the right theme for my block... if anyone has any fun suggestions... please share with me. I don't want it to be just a block.. I want them to be an awesome block :) I was also wondering... I have purchased a couple of those fabric writing pens. .... but the point is way to big and the lines are very fat and I don't like the looks of a fat line... Anyone know what sort of pen I can use to get a nice fine line???


CJ said...

M ~ The pen I use and LOVE♥ is:
ZIG Millennium from Memory Systems. It's for drawing and scrapbooking, but I use it for signing my fabric creations like tags and dolls, etc. I use the .05 size which is not fat ~ makes a fine line. It doesn't bleed on fabric either. You should be able to get those where they sell scrapbooking supplies.
Good luck!

Doris Sturm said...

he, he, he, sounds like you single handedly keep the US postal service going - those swaps sound like so much fun and I still want to do one. I forgot the website you told me to look at in one of our Saturday night chat sessions. I'd like to check them out for crocheted potholders. That would be great!

Have a happy day and stay off the roof, APP - that's no place for a lady ;-)

Unknown said...

LOL sometimes things just got to get done.. Doris your a love for thinking of my safety though..... I am like you I don't really like the roof on my two story house.. but one has to make sure the siding doesn't fall off and get spoiled. Just the part of being a single woman that owns a home ;)

Mistea said...

Sure sounds like you're having a lot of fun with those Siggy blocks.

You should try and get one of those cute stamps that have an apron pic on them - that would really be your style?

I also use the zig Millenium, here I just get mine from the stationery shop.

Anonymous said...

I use pigma pens - they come in a various colours and the 0.05 is a nice fine line. They also come in 1.0. I use the brown for tracing stitcheries and never have a problem covering the line over with backstitch or whatever stitch I am using and I only use one strand of embroidery floss not two. They are permanent and don't bleed.