Monday, April 5, 2010

Yesterdays adventures

Some of you know it was my Birthday yesterday :) I didn't get the Birthday that Mommy planned. She was very sick the two days before my Birthday. I even thought Mommy was going to have to go to the Hospital.. But she got better with lots of rest. Besides Mommy could not find my favorite tasty treat FROSTY PAWS Ice Cream. Its ice cream made for us sweet puppies. Our store was out!! So I had to just settle for old dried biscuits as my special treat for my Birthday. LOL when Mommy wasn't looking Malcolm snuck me potato chips.. He always sneaks me chips when Mommy isn't looking.. NO wonder she can't keep the lbs off me!
Yeah I am now 4 years old and still as silly as I was when I was a puppy. I went with Mommy to Momma Bears house for Easter Sunday :) I discovered that there was about 5 small boys that live down the block. Momma Bear calls them her cookie monsters because they come down once a day to get a small treat. She said they usually get fruit snacks because they are good for them. Whats with this good for snack thing???
Mommy had a very hard time getting me to listen and stay in the yard because I wanted to play with the little boys.The little guys would chase me and I would run circles around them. Sometimes I would stop and lay down to let them catch up .. but I'd pop up and off I would run again. We played this way for about 30 mins. Then Mommy made me come inside the house. She thought that was enough exercise for me for the day. I'm not use to all of that running... I do play but not that hard... because Mommie is old and slow.. but I was faster than a speeding bullet running circles around those boys. LOL the boys could never catch up to me!! NO matter how hard they tried. I would run by them and jump on the back of their knees and down they would go giggling all the way.
After I came back in the house I got a big hand full of yummy treats sent to me by my great and wonderful friend Nadine. She told Mommy that I would like these little cheese nips. I go crazy looking silly so Mommy will break down and give me more than the small hand full she always gives me. I barked, I sat up, I laid down, I even gave her the ^5 to get more. But Mommy would not budge on more treats. So I had to just say ok.. I'll take a nap.. I am quite tired I did play hard...
Of course here is my favorite place to nap :)


CC said...

What an adorable,sweet,darlin puppy you are,and I'm so sorry that you didn't get a birthday party. I'm wishing you a Happy Birthday and sending you a big hug from Texas.
I would have loved to come to your party..and I hope your mommy is better soon. You have to help and watch over her,cause your mommy is a very sweet lady.
I hope you get your ice cream soon..that's always such a tasty treat. You hehave,but enjoy yourself...and again,Happy Birthday sweet puppy.

Beansieleigh said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you, you sweet thing you!!.. Glad to hear Mommy is feeling better, and glad to hear you both had a very Happy Easter at Mama Bear's! ~tina

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pitty. I am going to be 4 this year too but not until August so you are "bigger" than me. You are so lucky to have ice human won't let me have those sorts of treats 'coz we don't have special doggie ice cream where we live. I hope your shop gets some more in soon so you can have a nice big bowl.
You certainly did have fun playing with those boys. My human took me to visit with Auntie Mistea yesterday and I got to go to the beach and play on the sand but there were no boys to play with.
I'm sure you are looking after your Mummy and making sure she gets lots of rest so she gets better soon.

NadineC said...

Oh, Pitty - what adorable pictures of you and Mommy! Since you're only 4, I shall excuse your spelling...but I hope that all your readers understand that I didn't send you "threats," LOL! I can tell you love Mommy very much, and she loves you too...I hope I can visit with you again some day - we had such great fun on vacation last fall, don't you think? I hope Mommy gives you a hug from me :-) and Happy Birthday!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you "V".... My sweet friend Nadine.. Mommy fixed my spelling mistake for me :) Yes we had great fun.. even when I tangled Mommy's legs all up with my retractable leash... I knew I could get Mommy to carry me so I didn't have to walk!!! See I is a very smart little puppy.. and by the way.. Mommy found my Frosty Paws ice cream at the Store today!! It's too late tonight for the frosty frozen treat but Mommy says I can have some tomorrow!!
The Pitty

CJ said...

Oh, my!!! A Happy "Belated" Birthday to you, sweet lil' Pitty!!♥
I'm so sorry your Mommy still isn't feeling good :( but your birthday pictures with her look great!
With those yummy treats from "Auntie Nadine", who needs ice cream! :)
Tell Mommy "Hello" for me! I've missed another chat on Saturday night, but things are starting to settle down a bit for me now that we are moved, so I hope to catch up with everyone soon :)

Doris Sturm said...

Happy belated birtday, sweet little Pitty Pat! So sorry your mommy is sick, but you did get some fun time playing with the little boys ;-) You go, girl! I enjoyed reading your story and tell mommy I will pray for her and hope she'll be feeling better real soon - you need your mommy to be healthy!
Doris :-) (and Gizzy)

Yarni Gras! said...

awwww, what a sweet post............tell mommy hi for me...and even though I'm late, have a Happy Birthday!

dacraftylady said...

Happy "B" Day...mine was Easter Sunday....your little one is adorable... :) Debb