Monday, April 5, 2010


Hello Ladies... I am very happy to say all of the Holly Jolly blocks are now in the mail to your homes. If you owe me postage... Please Pay :) I will be send you an email advising the amount owed. You can pay me via pay-pal through my donation button here on the blog. If you just want to donate a penny or too more to help defer the cost of shipping/packaging for those that might neglect to pay.... that would be great with me too.
Thank you everyone for being so patient in getting your blocks.. it has been a very long drawn out affair. I hope everyone when they get their blocks feel it was all worth the delay and trouble in getting them out to you ;) I can tell you there were some awesome blocks that I never got to post. For that I am very very sorry. I started having health problems and that hindered my fun in this swap. I am so sorry if you felt I dropped the ball on this swap. I did not mean to do that to any of you!!
Anyway I had fun making and sharing my blocks with the ones in my group. Also I wish to thank each and everyone of you that sent sweet little extras to me and also to those that allowed me to keep one of your wonderful fun blocks.



Sherry said...

Hi I'm so glad for you that this is finally done for you. I know its been hard on you to know that people dropping out and tring to fill the spaots have been really rough on you. Its now done and know you went out of you way to make most of us happy you did a greattttttt job. (You will never make everyone happy.) Thanks for being a great Host Mommie.

I just love when your little baby post on your blog. Pitty really tells it how he sees it.Pitty is lucky to have a great MOMMIE.
I hope your feeling better. Its been off and on so I hope it goes away and stays away.
Take care of yourself.

Mistea said...

Fantastic news - I guess the postman will take his time - but I will be on the lookout for a package full of special crafted goodness.
You rest up and take care of yourself and the Pitty. Glad she was able to have a good birthday playing with those boys - sounds like she had fun.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo......time for Mistea to stalk the post person for our package... how exciting. Thanks for all the trouble you went to with this swap, it is appreciated.

Janet said...

Dear Aunt Pitty Pat- The Holly Jolly Blocks arrived!!!! Thank You for all your hard work. You must have been taking some wonderful purple polkadot pills when you were sick, because I received 12 pairs of duplicates! I was in Groups 2, 3, and 4, but I can't find the most of the pictures or listing of groups to see what pairs are from which group. I did receive a set of 12 nonrepeated blocks also. Did everyone follow through? The blocks are lovely- a Lot of work, and Thank you to everyone for all their hard work.

Kathy said...

I got my blocks today too and they look fantastic!!! thanks so much for doing this!!!!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Your right I was feeling very badly this weekend.. but I thought I fixed that problem... or at least I thought I did. If you remember right I had to ship out group 4 first because two or three of the ladies wanted theirs sooner. Well that left me moving ladies around in that group to other groups. It appears that I made a mistake and put two sets of your blocks in the same group. By the time it was all said and done... I only had two groups left and when I had three sets of your blocks.. there really wasn't anywhere to put your lovely blocks so they would be in a different group. I had to have other wonderful ladies step up and make blocks to fill in the empty spaces. I am so sorry that happened and I hope you can use them in a wonderful quilt for your family or a friend :)
I know some of you are very disappointed in this swap and I am very sorry. Sometimes mistakes are made. For that I am very sorry.

Katie Bishop said...

Janet- if you want to swap with me, I can send you a set... just visit my blog and we can make it happen!

Janet said...

Please don't feel badly- I love the blocks. Just thought if someone had other duplicates we could swap. This was a tough swap due to numbers and drop outs. Feel better soon.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Thanks for not being too mad at me :)
Your all wonderful.. thank you for your continued support even when I make mistakes ;)