Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mug Rug Swap

Hello Ladies just a fast reminder.. we have a lot of ladies that are signing up for this swap.. Several of you wonderful women are new to my swaps... There are also a lot that have signed up without blogs.. no worries.. some of my best swappers don't have blogs. If your new to my blog and swaps... please read the swappers etiquette that is on my side bar.. just click it to read it
Remember you don't have to have an assigned partner to start your project... Remember this is a Christmas themed Mug Rug Swap :)
Enjoy and be very creative... sign ups end very soon so get off the fence if your wanting to join in on the fun.. there are 33 Elves signed up already... big group :)


Unknown said...

I'll be a first time swapper with you but my swapping days go way back! I'm excited about this, new Christmas gift idea too! lol

Mistea said...

I am almost finished my first one - but I may have to keep it - it is way cute!

CJ said...

I've started too, Auntie! FUN!!! I agree with Mistea on this one, I also may have to keep mine and make another one for the swap - it's sooo cute♥ This is very additive, hehehe!! :)
Thanks for the FUN♥

Unknown said...

LOL.... Yes they are addictive.. and so darn easy to make.. loads of fun for sure... I made the two Halloween ones in an afternoon...Along with Nadine's shadow quilting help :) They do sew up fast... I am excited and want to make my Christmas ones.. but Christmas blocks first they are due first. I've gotten a really good start on them this weekend :)

Jaciqltz said...

I can not wait to start! I have passed this idea on to some of my other groups and friends and now I am in 6 swaps! HOW FUN!!!

Unknown said...

LOL I have created MONSTERS FOR MUG RUGS!!! What fun.. enjoy :)

CJ said...

Oh, the things you get us into, Auntie!!! lol!!! :)