Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday in Ta Town

Oh my girls we had a lovely fabric shopping day yesterday! Nadine was in cotton heaven. That lady can power shop for fabric. We went to Grandmas Cupboard.. she sells more traditional quilting fabrics. Nadine shopped so much at Grandmas they didn't have a regular shopping bag big enough for all of Nadines wonderful fun fabrics. Nadine had to carry them out of the store in a large trash sack. Next we went to JoAnn's now let me tell you I had already spent my fabric allowance at Grandma's. So I helped Nadine spend her money :) We picked out some very fun Christmas fabrics to make her famous Shoop-Shoop Bags. Tutorial with pictures to be coming soon on this project. Next we went to old Delano District for shopping at the the Material Girls.. and we found a very fun Japanese Print on the the sale rack.. for $5.00 a yard.. I could not pass up a yard of this wonderful material nor could Nadine. Of course Nadine was so excited because this little shop sells more of the modern type fabrics... Amy Butler, Moda, Alexander Henry and so on...... not just calico type quilting prints. LOL I had to convince Nadine to go to one last fabric shop before we went home. The Picket Fence has a wonderful mix of fabrics. There we found some very fun patterns for wallets, bags, and other fun sewing projects... Yes Nadine also found some wonder fabric they she had thought about purchasing on line prior to vacation.. I am so excited she found it here in Ta Town.
Speaking of Ta Town.. Nadine was not here in time for Shop Hop but she was able to get a Shop Hop button along with a custom made yard of Kansas Fabric. She really likes the Wheat Design on that very lovely yard of material.


maria said...

That must have cost Nadine a bundle of money!!!

But must have been so much fun.


Doris Sturm said...

Wow - you guys really went to town in more ways than one ;-) I know you must've had a blast because I always do when I go shopping for yarn and crafts at Michaels or The Hobby Lobby - I could go bankrupt in that place! It's so addictive!

Glad you had fun! Now you can really let 'em roll - the sewing machines, that is :-)

Have a wonderful week!
Doris and the boy

p.s. I will start to brush Gizzy's teeth too.

San-Dee said...

it sounds like a perfect day to me!! I don't think I've ever been in fabric shop without buying "something". I'm so glad you girls are having such a great time!

Becky said...

Maaaannnnn, I wish I lived closer so I could tag along. Maybe I can make a huge road trip sometime cause it sounds as if it was way too much fun for just 2 gals!