Thursday, October 21, 2010

What we did on Fall Vacation.

APP has been on vacation for the last two weeks. During my vacation I have had a very funny visitor from Washington... Ms Nadine ;) We have been having a blast together.. we have fabric shopped until we dropped several days, meals out, meals cooked in, watching videos/movies, and lots and lots of fun sewing.

Nadine and I even came out with the rules and ideas for the Christmas Swap on APP's Blog.
Speaking of swaps... below you will find items from the Halloween Tote bag swap, and the Little Dirt Lane Annie Swap. Note: Nadine snuck on the computer and added a few comments on some of the pictures below - she is so sneaky!

APP: My tote I received from Nadine.. isn't it awesome - it's a Witchy Tote with an Apron :) How adorable!!!

APP: Here is a view of the Witchie shoes.. they are loose and flap around.. I am so fascinated about them :) LOVE Love this idea!!

APP: Here is the matching Tea Towel.. made almost like the tote.. cute cute cute!

APP: Below is the Tote that CJ Received from me.... I had a good time making this one ;)

APP: This is the tote that I received from CJ. I love the Pumpkins aren't they fun. They are made out of wool ;)

Nadine: Shhhhh...when APP is not looking, I'm going to stick this in my suitcase and take it home to Washington...don't tell!!!!

APP: Frankie was one of my more favorite things to make.. I even made my partner Millie a tote using Frankie. Isn't it fun? I see while posting this I have forgotten to take a photo of Millie's tote.. I will try and have her tote posted by the end of the day today or tomorrow... depending on my time :)

APP: Next I was in a swap from Little Dirt Lane.. this is the Doll that I made for my partner ;)
I think she turned out so adorable ;) I love making Annies!!!

APP: Here is my Annie that I received from my partner Tammy.. I just love the fat black and orange hair. She has such a cute face. Her feet really make me smile!!

APP: Here we have a Pitty that is tired out from all the activity.. really Pitty is cold and if you look closely you will see the little red spotted puppy that heats up in the micro to help keep her warm. She was shivering so badly Ms Nadine said Mommie has to do something!! So I did!!

Pitty: All snuggly warm in my baby sling, bankie, and mico puppy warmer :)

Pitty: Me on the bed in Ok when when Mommie and Nadine dragged me there on Vacation!

APP: One day Nadine and I was going to the Fabric shop on the West side of Ta Town when I drove by the little farmers market and pulled in. There we found lots and lots of yummy canned foods and tons and tons of Pumpkins. The one that Nadine is holding is the one that we brought home :) It's very gnarly!

Nadine: APP looks like she's really up to something in this pic, don't you think???

APP: Nadine has been working on Shoop Shoop Bags, Totes, Baby Quilt, Butterfly Blocks and Mug Rugs. Nadine: Really, really, really - my strips ARE the same width and everything's even in the above Mug Rug - it was just the way the stupid camera took the picture :-)

Nadine: APP and I made two of the Frankie Mug Rugs. She did the applique and the embroidery and I did the shadow quilting and binding. We are quite a TEAM!

Nadine: Below is MY Frankie tote that APP made me. Ummm. Well. She was SUPPOSED to make it for me before I got here...but she was busy with so many other things. So I helped her finish it. Nothing like having to make your own tote, LOL!!! But I didn't mind :-)

Nadine: Below is a another tote that APP made for me. Well, she did the wonderful embroidery, and had some of the fabrics pieced...but then she had me do the sewing to put it together. I LOVE it!!!! I wish I could embroider like she does - maybe if I practice...

Nadine: I added a slanted pocket for a pencil on the inside. Now APP and I are TWINS because we both have these wonderful embroidered totes!

APP: Aunt Pitty Pat has been working on the following: Finished up the Halloween Blocks, Worked on Totes, Worked on Annies, Made fun Mug Rugs, Started Christmas Blocks, and other cuttings for more Mug Rugs.Nadine: Heeheehee - I think the Annies above look so silly with no faces...and did you notice that they are NAKIE!!!!!!!! You'd think APP would have a little more decorum :-) but I guess not :-) Oh, and I also helped her sew on some of the arms...uh, the first ones I sewed on, I sewed them sticking straight out! She's the one on the left...silly Annie-With-The-Sticky-Outy-Arms! I did better on other ones...

Pitty: Well, this has been a fun two weeks! Mommie APP and Mommie Nadine have had a lot of fun shopping, sewing, and eating...and I've had Two Mommies! I'm so spoiled I think I need to be in someone's arms 24 x 7! Well, isn't that what good little doggies deserve? Yes, I think so, too! Now what am I gonna do when Mommie Nadine goes home and Mommie APP goes back to work! I guess I'll have to talk to Cappy the bird all darned day.....

APP and Nadine: Sooooo, this is what we've been doing - what have all of YOU been up to recently???????


Doris Sturm said...

Looks like you guys had a BLAST - what lovely handmade items you have!

I know you're busy, but when you get a chance, could you please answer my question in the e-mail I sent you about the mug rug swap?

I'd appreciate it!

Have a lovely day,
Doris and Gizzy

hugs to Miss Pitty Pat - she looks adorable ;-)

Mistea said...

You sure have been busy sewing - can't imagine how you fitted in shopping and eating as well. Looks like you had a fun vacation together.

I've started getting ready for Christmas - just a few little things to begin with and it seems to be working.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Wow...what a busy busy time you girls have been having...lots of cute stuff there...
Still missing you on Skype, darn time differences...

CJ said...

So glad you and Ms Nadine had a wonderful vacation!! Looks like you got a lot of fun things done :)

Tammy said...

So glad you like your Annie. Love the totes. I never did receive mine.

maria said...

Very cute.