Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Award... :)

It's been a while since I have received an award.. I don't think they are as prevalent as they use to be.. Most blogs are award free now... I have always enjoyed getting them.. It lets me know that I am entertaining you ladies with the items that I post here at AuntPittyPats....
Janet at JKW Art has been so sweet to give me this award.. if you have not visited her blog please run by. Janet has some awesome dolls and aprons that she has made posted up on her blog. I know I always find creative inspiration after visiting her ;)
I am unsure of the rules on this award but I am going to be like Janet and name three persons that have fun and exciting blogs that I enjoy reading :)
My first choice is Nadine from Apron Valley Road. Run by check out her blog she is the funniest lady around.. I always get a chuckle from her posts.. her latest with the crochet adventure will make you laugh so hard you will get tears!!
My next inspiration is Val from Yarni Gras. Val is such a wonderful giving and creative woman. I enjoy seeing what she and her family are up too. Her children are so talented and very loving! LOL Val and I use to be in a lot of apron and other swaps together... because I knew if I went to her blog she would already have found the cool fun swaps. Yes I copy catted her a lot... She still laughs about that. If you love apron swaps.. Val holds awesome swaps.
My last inspiration is Doris from Crocheting in Georgia. I am so happy that Doris found me through the old Pins and Needles web site.. I have gotten to know her the last couple of years. You could not find a better person to know... Doris is always posting wonderful fun photos of the area that she lives in. I adore the photos of her little dog Gizzy.. he is always sending sweet little notes to the Pitty. If you don't know it Doris is awesome at crocheting.. I own a few of her amazing items. You can find this very talented ladie's wares at Etsy. I think she has a link on her blog..
I have introduced you to three of my long time blogging friends.. Please run over and say hello :)
Once again Janet thank you for this award!!


~Xo said...

Congrats on recieving this award!