Thursday, April 7, 2011

Every Since.. I received my apron

Once upon a time.. APP held an up-cycle apron swap on her blog. The rules were to use an old clothing item to make your partner an apron. I used a dress to make my partner her apron and she loved it. My sweet swapping friend Maria in Canada, used a mans shirt to make my apron. I fell in love with it. It really turned out amazing~~
Don't you like how she used all parts of this man's shirt to make my apron... the neck band and the label on the waist band? The pockets were made from the sleeve cuffs.

After receiving this creative apron I have seen lots of things made from re-cycled man's shirt. Quilts, dresses, blouses, purses, aprons, potholders, and the list is endless. I am just trying to figure out what I want to make .. there are so many wonderful creative ideas out there!

Find how to make this fun dress at Madison Avenue Baby Craft and Decorate.

This fun ladies dress was found at Ma Chemise D'Homme. Isn't this a cute dress?

This amazing gown was made out of re-cycled Shirt collars... by Junky Styling. Picture taken at Ethical Fashion Forum booth, London Clothes Show. I am amazed at this beautiful gown.. read more about this dress at Shahime.. Ethical Fashion.

This is a fun and very cute up-cycled man's shirt. I know you will want to go visit the web site where I found this shirt. There are other wonderful fun creations there! You will find tons of fun ideas at Refashinoso. I am so in LOVE with this blog I can't get enough of their creative projects!

Finally this amazing Quilt ;) Made from a page in Kaffe Fassett's Shirt Stripe quilt from his book Passionate Patchwork. It was found at drobertatClemson on Flickr. Aren't these projects amazing.. my mind has been whirling around every since I received my cute apron!!
Let us know if you come up with something fantastic that you would like to share with the rest of us....


Anonymous said...

amazing !!!

NadineC said...

Very cool! Thanks, APP, for sharing these links!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Wonderful ways to use old clothing! I love love love your apron! What a great shirt that was!


PS No sighting of my Easter Mug Rug swap package yet...any word from my partner? I know the one I sent was received and I got a lovely handwritten thank you note. Was the person I sent to also the person sending to me? If so, I wonder if she was aware of that.

Melinda said...

The shirt apron is wonderful! I want to join this swap if you decide to do it again!

~Xo said...

Love your apron! Funny thing, I just finished sewing an apron from a man's shirt. Same concept, but didn't put the entire shirt to use. I'll be blogging about it soon!

Unknown said...

Very interesting! Love the classy look of the apron, now you got me thinking outside of the box! :)

CJ said...

I'm going to be checking out these links. Thanks for the inspiring post! Almost everything I make has "upcycled" fabric in it ~ it's fun to go to garage sales and thrift shops looking for "fabric"! You can definitely create one of a kind projects that way.