Friday, April 1, 2011

An Amazing Week :)

This is the home of Great Great Grandpa John Erastus Burk .. photo taken about 1900

I have had the most amazing week so far. I met my on line Buddy Sherry and now I have spent several days in a row talking to a distant cousin, that finally found my family after several years of searching. I have learned so much about my Burk side of the family this week its almost over whelming. I know I have received more data than my pea brain can process in such a short time span. I know I will have to ask my cousin Michael many more questions. We have been sharing photos, stories and documents all week via inter-net and phone calls.
I have been thrilled beyond words to get all the photos and stories that I have heard this week regarding my Burk family tree.
I have spent many years of my life thinking there was only my Dad, Me and my Bubba on my Burk and Smith side of the family. Now I have a whole world open up to me in the last week. How amazing the inter-net has became. I am very thankful for this wonderful and precious gift of family that has came into my life!!! Thank you lord for these sweet blessings!

My Dad in the middle... a photo I have never seen before!! I am so happy to have this!
Along with Adrian, and Dewey Burk.